My top tips to make your shopping trip top notch.

Hey!, Dash here!

It probably will come as no surprise to you when I say that I’m a major shopaholic and considering you’re reading my blog then you probably are too. Now, in all seriousiness I’m definitely no Rebecca Bloomwood but my love affair with shopping is pretty intense. This being said, for me, shopping is more than just buying a bunch of stuff, it’s the whole experience that comes along with it. The people you meet, the places you go, the new things you discover. All of it.

I always try to get the most out of my time spent shopping, it’s a big pass time for me whether it be window shopping or a full on shopping spree. So, I decided to share some of my tip top tips for making your shopping trips simply fabulous.

Number one..

Get up early.

I know, I know… Why on earth would anybody willingly get up early on their day off, I hear you say. But there is good reason for this. The earlier you get up, the earlier you can get shopping. Getting into the shops or where ever you’re going. (in my case town is the place I’d do most of my mad shopping sprees.) early means less fighting through crowds, less people crowding the public transport (if you’re like me and take the bus.) and less lines leading up to the cashiers in your favourite stores.

Number two…

Eat something!

Before you head off on your shopping journey, have a bite to eat. Having some breakfast is important in general, but especially if you’ve got a big day of walking, carrying bags, more walking, carrying even more bags and trying on tons upon tons of clothes, oh, and if you’re me running for the bus… a lot. Seriously, you’ll be starving if you don’t and if you’re anything like me when you’re hungry, then it won’t be fun for anyone.

Number three…

Bring some friends along…

Bringing some pals along with you can make that shopping adventure of yours ten times more fun and everyone needs a little bit of fashion advice on hand when you’re stood in the changing rooms dying because you can’t figure out which outfit suits you best and who better to have on hand to give this much needed advice than a friend?

Side note: What’s this you say? You friends aren’t on hand to go shopping with you, maybe they’re away on holidays or in work?..
Well Dash has a fabulous fix for this too. Sending them pictures and text to keep them in the loop can be just as fun. I do it all the time. (Usually taking full advantage of the free Wi-Fi on the buses and it shopping centres.)

Number four… (my personal favourite!)

Changing room fashion shows.

This works best with friends, but being the odd one that I am, I’ve done this many-a-time solo too. Try on a ton of things, even a couple of things that just aren’t completely ‘you’ (expanding your horizons.) Have a little dance around in them, take photos (have a full on photos shoot if you like.), just go for it. Believe me it’s really fun.

Number five…

Try new things!

Whether you’re a risk taker or set in your ways, trying at least one new thing when you go shopping, be it a new store, an outfit that’s just waaaaay put of your comfort zone or going for a bite to eat somewhere completely new. This can really change things up a bit, make things more memorable and overall just far more interesting.

Number six…

Go for lunch.

Speaking of food. While you’re shopping, why not go for lunch? Going for a quick cuppa or a full on feast can recharge your batteries, so that you can shop for longer before you drop. It also gives you a change to just chill and have a good chat with your buds.

Well that’s it for the moment.

Hope these tips will help improve you’re already fabulous shopping trips.

Talk soon,

Dash x

Batman meets makeup.

Hey, Dash here!

So, I was wandering through the aisles if penneys (looking for a dress, that I never did actually find…) and I spotted this little beauty.

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Yeah, batman I know! (for those of you who don’t know I’m a MAJOR and I mean MAJOR superhero fanatic. DC, Marvel, it really doesn’t matter. I love it all.) So, when i saw that batman logo, it had my full attention before I even knew what the product was.

Turns out it was a liquid eyeliner, which luckily was something I’d actually been hunting around for (my old one had run out about a month before and I felt like I was missing a family member.)

The packaging, I think it really gorgeous. It’s mainly black and white, with little accents if hot pink, making it just that little bit eye catching. (There again I’ll notice anything that’s pink.) The packing was covered in comic strip pictures, full of speech bubbles and pictures of batwoman. (The packaging was, if I’m honest the main reason I bought it… I probably need to stop buying things just because the look cute…)


The eyeliner bottle is actually very atheistically pleasing too. It’s made from a smooth, matte black plastic with very pretty silver writing along the side.


Moving on though, to the most important part; the actual eyeliner. The eyeliner itself is think and long with a little nib on the end, to apply the liquid with.(This is usually the type of eyeliner that I steer clear of because I’ve not got a very steady hand and felt tips glide on so much easier.

As for the liquid in the bottle it is quite water but it’s very black and fast drying. It’s also really easy to rub off! (Which if you make as many eyeliner mistakes as me, is god sent.)

All in all, I got user to the more watery consistency (after years of eyeliners that were more like markers.)

It took a little while to get used to it but I got there. Though I’m not actually too sure if it was difficult in the beginning because I’d never used that type before or because it wasn’t as good quality an eyeliner as it was only €2.50. (I think I’ll go for the latter.)

So, altogether I think I’d give this 5/5 for the packaging and 3/5 for the actual eyeliner, though considering it’s from penneys I’m pretty happy with how it looks.

Here’s how it looks:


I’ve joined bloglovin’

Hey, Dash here!



I’m sure you can already guess by the title what this post is going to be about.


Bloglovin’ is this really lovely site that helps make it easier to keep track of your favourite blogs and bloggers and though I joined months and months ago, I’m really only starting to use it now! (I’m slow on the uptake I know…)

I suppose this is just a post to say hi! I’m here, so if you too are on bloglovin’ and want me to take a peek at your blog then just leave your bloglovin’ link in the comments!

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Oh, and click right here if you’d like to take a look at mine!

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That’s it for now, short I know,

Talk soon,

Dash xox


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My new favourite must stop shop.

Hey, Dash here!

So, as you guys know I’m always on the look out for something new and though I’ve known about this shop for a couple months now I completely forgot to mention it to yous!

Skinnydip is a really cute shop from London, the UK that opened up doors in Dublin back in February (and ever since it did I’ve fallen in love.)

This place, to me is basically the queen of accessories and is what I wish my go to for everything accessory was (I’m simply just not made of money, haha.), from clutches to backpacks and even phone covers.

All the products, like the store’s name is funky and attention grabbing, which is definitely a must for Summer, when we’re all on the look out for the most “on point” (after saying that I’m sort of cringing, but it’s the best I could think of…) outfit, but what’s a stunning outfit without some stunner accessories?


See how cute these are? They’re very girly, very eye-catching and full of sparkles. (Which, me being me. I’m just obsessed with…)

The shop, I think is perfect for teenage girls (like moi.) It’s just full of fun, funky things that you this wouldn’t expect whatsoever.

Skinnydip have the type of accessories that will add some glittery sparkle to any outfit, whether it’s early morning coffee with friends or your a night out.

I’ve always been a tad bit of a girly girl and shimmer and glam glitter are what I’m all about,but I also like things that are just a tinie, tiny bit edgy. So, when it comes to this shop there are two collections that I’m loving right now.


Glam prom and intergalactic cowgirl…

Prom is very cute, very shiny and chic. It just screams girly. It’s a collection full of pom poms, cute clutches, liquid glitter and unicorn motifs. (but not in a tacky way.)

The intergalactic cowgirl collection.



Now I know it sounds a bit out there, but that’s really what this shop is all about fun and creativity, being outgoing and most importantly you.

Consisting of that light catching galaxy colour that everyone has been going on about for ages, mixed in with a mild country western theme, I think this collection is extremely creative, funky and cute.

So, here’s a couple of my favourites from the store, which I just know you’re going to love!

First off are their backpacks! (I’ve got some obsessively mad love for these bags.)

This backpack is just so gorgeous. It’s chic and shimmers, it’s also not cheap looking. (So many times I’ve seen gold statement pieces done and they can just look so cheap and over done but as it’s rose gold it’s slightly more unusual and isn’t too yellow-ish, (if you get what I mean) Yellow gold can sometimes give off a cheap or yellow-faded vibe which I’m not too fond of. (Some of you might just agree.) This colour is definitely a breath of fresh air from the normal gold.




Continuing on with my backpack obsessed rambling here’s a second gorgeous rucksack.


This near identical match of the previous backpack is super cute, sporting a trippy, incandescent reflective colour, that catches the light beautifully, really making it stand out.

This rucksack  completely highlights what I love most about this shop. It’s out going, it’s cute and it’s very, very unique.

The accessory is a big statement all on it’s own, bringing some snazzy interest to any outfit you choose. It’s definitely not a subtle piece, but that’s just not what this store is about, though don’t be afraid of loud statement pieces like this they can be so much fun and really bring something special to your wardrobe.


Moving on from backpacks but sticking with bags for the moment… as we all know they’re a girl’s most loved accessory.




Okay, okay, okay, okaaaaaay. You’ll either love this one or hate this one it really, really depends on what type of fashion you’re into and what type of a person you are. But being the magpie like, on and off girly-girl that I am I just HAD to mention this one.

Eye-catching and a far cry from simple. This is for the girl that is far too obsessed with all that glitters and hundreds more shades of pink than you can even imagine.

This fabulous box-shaped, perfume bottle inspired shoulder bag is not for the fashion faint hearted. Held up on your should by a gorgeous gold chain. (Yes, slightly contradicting my earlier comments on gold, but in small doses like this it can be gorgeous.

As I said the shape of this fab bag is very like a perfume bottle carrying on the out going, unique and innovative theme of the shop and their products.


Swiftly moving on wards, but not straying too far from fabulous box bags. I spotted this little gem accidentally but isn’t it gorgeous? I think so. Though I’ve only ever owned one or two clutches throughout my sixteen (seventeen in September…just saying.) years of existence, I’m pretty in love with this one.

The beautiful iridescent colour of the bag is a really popular one throughout their newer collections.I’m getting some definite girly vibes off this little clutch. The bag looks so gorgeous as the light hits it, bringing out all the different blue, white and purple shades. It’s topped off with a cute, fluffy pom pom that just adds to that fun, girly feel and also aids in softening the whole look of the bag, with it’s sharp colours and shape. This bag is classy and chic on a whole but still has that youthful, fun, funky feel.


Sticking with the fun and funky style that emulates from this shop, I thought I’d show you kindred creative spirits some of the more do it yourself product that you can use as you wish to accessorize as you like.

Being more so on the creative side of things, I can really appreciate these next products. They’re versatile, funky and can jazz up almost anything.

First up we’ve got a super cute and diverse range of key charms.




And if you’re still feeling like you have stuff in need of some customization, why not try on these fabulous iron-on patches?




Add them to a bag, a coat whatever you wish. They’re way creative and can really bring out a fashionista’s personality.


Last of my favourites has to be the absolutely wonderful phone cases that I totally adore and wish, wish,wish would fit my phone, but I’m just not about that iPhone life… But maybe you are and if so, these  cases, ranging from novelty, dense pattern, vibrant colours and liquid glitter might be right up your street.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Well that’s all from me from the moment, hopefully you’ll love the shop just as much as I do!

Talk soon!

Dash xo




Perfect shops for the petite.

Hey, Dash here!


Nobody ever said that fashion was easy and it definitely isn’t. I think everyone has some sort of dilemma when it comes to fashion and clothes. Big or small, there’s always one. My issue is really not a big deal and definitely doesn’t cause me too much grief, though I do admit to having one.

My dilemma happens to be sizes…

I’d say I’m petty slim and I’m in and around 5 ft 2. (I would’ve measured myself properly but my measuring tape is stuck under a massive pile of school books that could possibly tip over at any moment, so yeah… I decided it’d be best to leave it well enough alone.)

Anyways, picture this:

You’re jean shopping. (We all know how tough that can be) and after ages and ages of shopping you find them. This perfect pair, that are just going to suit everything you own, they’ll compliment your eyes and make you look so good, you just have to have them, no you need to have them. You pick up a couple of pairs in different sizes, because well, jeans can b e tricky and the actual size of a pair of jeans can differ from shop to shop.

You go in and you try them all on. But none of them fit.

This can be really annoying and happens to me all the time. No joke, I honestly have had this experience, with jeans in particular so many times.

Okay, so maybe the jeans wouldn’t have complimented my eyes or suited everything I owned, but still! they might as well have, I wanted them that bad.

(I literally have a pair of jeans with knee rips in them… the rips reach the tops of my shins…)

This definitely is not the worst problem in the world, but! it is a problem for me, one which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. So, because of this I decided to put together a petite figure friendly list of shops, which have definitely made my shopping experience much, much easier and maybe will yours too.

Seek out those European stores.

Shops like Zara, Bershka and Stradvarious are all Spanish stores. These European shops tend to cater for smaller sizes in general.

No.1 Bershka


This is a really cute shop, full of gorgeous clothes that cater specifically for those on the smaller side. (their jeans are a perfect fit 👌 )


.2 Zara.

This shop is definitely more for an older woman than the teenager, but every now and then I find some lovely stuff in this shop. Everything is high street fashion again get an image of slim fit jeans , simple , toned down, french chic.

Hailing from the country that it does, it’s a shop full of very form fitting, petite garments.


Stradvarious image

Stradvarious is one of my favourite go to shops. Think Zara, but younger and cooler.

Think cute, fitted clothes full of denim skirts, lace crop tops, turtle neck tie tops. They’re very, very European, french chic.

Specific collections

Moving on from Europe and stores that focus completely on the smaller girl And onto shops that have little collections designed for a smaller fit.

1.Miss Selveridge image

Miss Selveridge have this absolutely fabulous petite range that will just fit perfectly and still in keeps with that gorgeous style that oozes from this lovely shop.


2. New look


New look are a really high street store for the trend seeker out there. As far as I’m aware they don’t actually have a specific petite range but they do have A Section called generation. It’s a teen range that starts at around age ten and goes up to about sixteen?… (I think haha, don’t quote me on that .)



Top Shop have a petite range as well. It’s got all the same high street gorgeousness or edgeyness you’d find in the rest of the store just in a smaller fit.

Internet gems

I usually hate shopping online. It’s just something I don’t do. Usually the Stuff just does not fit me, (I usually go by what fits and not the size on the label and online shopping just doesn’t allow me to judge the sizes properly.) I also have, have have to try something on before I even think of buying it. I don’t know… Online shopping just feels like such a restriction to me… Especially when I’m not exactly sure how the clothes will look when they arrive.

There is one shop though that seems to be great at getting the right fit for us smaller girls. I personally just don’t do the whole online shopping thing, but my friend is a fanatic when it comes to it. She’s pretty small and says all the clothes fit perfectly.image

Asos is the name of the shop and it seems to be receiving a ton of praise for its sizing. (maybe I’ll go against how I feel about online shopping sometime and tell you what I think of them)

Well, that’s it from me for now.

Hopefully this benefits you in some way.

Let’s talk soon,

Dash x

Mastering the art of pink eyeshadow

Hey, Dash here!

One major makeup trend for this summer is definitely pink eyeshadow. (and I’m really loving it.)

Despite how amazing it can look and how much I love it, the look definitely doesn’t received a lot of praise and it is criticised a lot.

There’s a certain hesitance around this trend due to how difficult it can be to make it work but never fear because if there’s one thing I know it’s pink and I’ve got a couple of tips that’ll have you mastering the colour in no time.

Tip One… Bypass strong colours


Like the pile of maths work I should be doing right now, you can completely by pass them.

The main issue for most people, I’d say when it comes to pink eyeshadows are the darker, warmer tones of pink, you can easily by pass these problems by opting for a fresher, more subtle pale or pastel pink.

However, if this cop out simply isn’t an option, tips 2 through to 5 are definitely worth your while to take a look at.

Tip Two: Keep it up top


Nobody wants to end up lookimg like they’ve got conjunctivitis… (unless you’re trying to get out of school, maybe?)

Keeping your eyeshadow away from your waterline is usually the best way to avoid a flushed, ill look.

Tip Three: Putting up some borders


If a certain shade of pink just doesn’t suit you, sometimes you may think it best to avoid the colour completely, but if you really are insistent one particular there are ways to make it work for you.

One of these ways is to create a border between your eye and the colour.

Say black or white, they’d be two main eyeshadows that would work for anyone. A great example of this would be the use of liquid liner wings as a barrier.

Alternatively, tons of people have one colour eye shadows that just works for them no matter what. Be it navy blue or a tropical yellow, if it works for you go for it. Use the colour on the main part of your top lid, closest to the eye and then brush on the pink, out from it.

Tip Four: Intensity is key.


Just because your pink eyeshadow is really bright and loud, doesn’t mean you have to use the colour exactly the way it is in the pallet.

Gently brushing some you the colour across your lids can give a much lighter, easier to wear colour.

Tip Five: Mix up your shades…


There are just so many different shades of pink floating around the place, so why stick to just one?

Okay, okay… So usually when it comes to some difficult I’d say very simple with it, do it in moderation, but right now it’s time to throw that advice out the window.
Starting woth some easier lighter, paler pinks on the lid and moving out into darker, louder pinks. The paler colour, like the border can make it much more flattering to wear and the different shades will definitely complement each other very well.

So, I suppose there we have it? That’s my two cents on pink eye shadow and how to master it.

Being the pink fanatic that I am, I hope that you’ll all give the colour a try as it’s just so cute and especially since a colour like this, with its so, so many different shades can be worn nearly anywhere.

Let’s talk soon?

Dash x

Dash beauty gems

Hey, Dash here!

Like most typical Irish girls, I spend in and around half my life in Penneys. (that’s Primark to you Brits.)

Why you ask?…

It is literally cute bargain heaven. With rails upon rails of reasonably cheap clothes, selves of pretty shoes and occasionally some really lovely makeup brands, like essence and… which are really cheap and most products are really good quality.

Wandering by the makeup stands a cute eyeshadow compact by essence caught my eye.

I’m not usually 100 percent in love with this brand but I couldn’t pass up this. It was just too pretty. I had to buy it.

The essence quattro eyeshadow. The four fresh pastel colours are perfect for a simple, pared-back Summer look or a ‘no makeup’, makeup look.



These creamy eyeshadows include a fantastic milk white, elegant lilac, matte beige and pastel shimmer pink.

The four fresh colours are really neutral, working for every skin tone really. But by no means does this make them boring.

Besides creating a lovely clear and fresh summer face these lovely colours have some great hidden uses. (The more I seem to use them the more uses I’m discovering, so I’ll keep you posted for more..xx)

Starting with white…

As well as being my go to Summer eyeshadow, it also doubles as a really good highlighter. I usually put it on my cupid’s bow and cheek bones. (Cheek bone?. Yeah, sometimes contouring just isn’t my thing so I just brush some of this on.

I tend to use this one a good bit under my eyes and brows, just to brighten the areas up and rid myself of any tiredness. (Just like how a lot of people line their waterline with white eyeliner.) ( I must stress with this one though, that I am extremely pale so this works fine for me, but it could possibly wash you out a little if you’re not.)

White cream eyeshadow like this is also great as a base for more crumbly eyeshadows and other colours in general. It’ll help the colour stay in place much better.

Moving onto pretty pink…

Now, in all fairness when it comes to pink I’m a tad bit obsessive…(my bedroom walls are pink, my duvet is pink, my pencil case… The list is pretty much endless.)

Needless to say this colour makes it into a huge variety of my makeup look.

I apply the eyeshadow to my cheek as a pale pink blush. (Which if you’re pale like me… (cries will I ever tan…?) can look really natural and give a subtle but very pretty glow.

I also sort of dab a little bit of this ontop of my pale pink lip stick and clear lip gloss. (Is that weird?… Probably is…)

The eye shadows does give a lovely little shimmer to both the lippy and gloss, which greatly improves the look of the matte pink lip stick, in my opinion. (Have to say I’ve never been big on matte lip colours… I’m more into shimmers and sparkles, if I’m honest.)

Lilac… Lilac… Lilac…

I really do like this colour. If I’m honest though, so far all I’ve been able to use it as is an eyeshadow.

(Side note though…It is a really similar colour to the pink, as they’re both so light, using them on the eyelid both at the same time can tend to look like one big block colour.)


This one is a little bit more matte than the others, as they all have a little bit of a shimmer to them because of this it makes a fairly good under eye concealer.

As well as this,  the slight orange undertone to the eyeshadow makes it a good bronzer and great for contouring.

Side note: that really does depend on the tone of your skin. Remember your contour should be a shade or two darker than your actual colour.

I absolutely love multi-use products like these and for €3.50, I didn’t exactly break the bank.

A beauty product like this one is not only perfect for summer because of it’s fresh colour scheme but also, as you can condense a good bit of your makeup bag down by swapping some of your products for this, you won’t have to pack a ton of makeup in your suitcase if you’re going away. (We all know the struggles of minimising the beauty products we bring abroad with us.)

This is definitely a rare penneys beauty gem.

Talk soon,

Dash x