Dash top tips for bag shopping… 

Hey guys, Dash here! 

What’s a girl’s most prized accessory?

Well, to me it’s the perfect bag.

Whether you share my thoughts or not, it can be assumed that on a whole that girls are quite literally bag obsessed.

Satchels, clutches, backpacks and purses, I love them all and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you did too.

Just recently I bought a new bag, a backpack to be specific, in parfois a really fashion forward accessory shop that up until now, I’d never even set foot in, but now that I have… To put it simply I’m obsessed.

Anyways, though I’m absolutely in love with this shop and my brand new backpack, finding this little gem of a bag wasn’t easy…

It was a mission and a half if I’m honest. A mission full of rooting through shelves, buying things only to return them. Not fun. This went on for absolutely ages before I finally found the one.

As you’ve probably gathered from this,bag shopping is definitely not my forte.

I love shopping, I really do bit if I’ve got a down fall it’s bags… An expert shopper I am not but adding bags to the equation just makes it for a disaster. I could honestly spend hours shopping for a bag and not find anything at all walk in andvwalk out two seconds later with, the ‘perfect’ bag.

So yes, we’ve established that I’m a bit of a hopeless case, but after my bag buying ordeal, I decided to try and work out the best way for me to never have to go through it again and then once it was more or less done, I decided… Hmmm why not share it with you fashion lovers, never know might even help a couple if you out!

Soooo here we go..

  • 1.) Have a check list…

Whether in you head, on you phone or on good old fashioned paper make a list.

Seems like a lame tip I know!, but I make lists for everything, maybe it’s because I’ve got a head like a sievee or maybe it’s because I’m an organisation freak, either way make a list.

Compiling a list of all the musts and mustn’ts of your ideal bag before you even think about hitting the shops can be really helpful. Whether this bag is to match a cute new outfit, a dress for a special occasion or just something to throw your nits and bobs into on a day to day basis.. Having a certain criteria in mind will help keep you from getting distracted by all the fabulous bags (like me…)spread up your search dramatically.

For example, Me? I needed a bag with enough space to pack a couple of sets of clothes since I tend to stay with different friends and family a lot during the Summer months, but also something that wouldn’t look out of place with my three or four different sets of outfits, if I went out anywhere while staying.

Meaning it need to be

1) something big

2.) stylish

3.) Versatile.

4.) something that wasn’t just a passing trend (I’d be using it all summer long and probably well into the rest of the year.)

I kept this in mind the day I bought my bag and ended up with my favourite little backpack here. ⬇

  • 2.) Picture it!

If you pick up a bag and have a specific outfit in mind for it. Keep some pictures of the outfit on your phone to keep in mind a clear idea of what your looking for. Better yet, if you can bring the outfit along with you and try them on together if you can, though in my experience only few places actually allow for this.

Anyways, this tip rules out the problems with having to return things because they simply don’t “go”.

Believe me I just hate that and it happends to me waaay too often.

  • 3.) Be colour savy…

Colour is obviously a very big factor in picking a bag, so I would say that having even one or two colours in mind before you shop is a good idea. The more you can narrow it down, the easier it’ll get for you.

  • 4.) Try it on…

I like to see how things look in the mirror before I even think about buying it. This for me is important, just to make sure it fits right. No matter how cute it looks, if it doesn’t sit right, it’s not going to look good. Especially with bigger bags. I’m sort of small, 5ft 2 to be exact and on the slim side, so some bigger bags can look just a but too oversized on me and a lot of shoulder bags, or strappy bags can look far too long on me if there is no buckle or clip to readjust the strap.

  • 5.) Price tags and designer labels…

Bags are just one of those things that can range from reasonably cheap to horrendously pricey.(Usually the designer ones…) For most of us girls buying a price-y designer bag like say, a Louis Vuttion bag isn’t something we’d do off handedly or on a regular basis.

Bags wise, designer labels really can be something to take a look at though as bags are something you’ll have for such a long time, you’ll want to buy something of good quality.

Having said this, remember if you are buying something designer or anything of high expense make sure it’s versatile, a colour that’s able to coordinate with a mixture of different outfits in your wardrobe and something simple and timeless, so that you can have it for a good while and not just waste your hard earned money on a fleeting trend.

Well, there you go.

That’s all my bag shopping wisdom in one tinie, tiny post so, hopefully it helps you out.

Let me know.down.in the comments about your shopping horror stories, dilemmas, favourite bags or any useful tips you have for shopping.

Talk soon,

Dash x


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