Fandom fashions: Styling tips

 Dash here!

So, inspired by the Harry Potter collection in Penneys, I’ve decided to give you guys some styling tips for fandom merchandise that can change your favourite fan tee into part of a stylish outfit. 

I think everyone has that one fictional universe that just means a lot to them. (I just happen to have many…)

I’ve always been mad into fictional universes, in books, tv series, video games or movies, it doesn’t really matter to me as I basically become obsessed either way.

I think people can just fall into a fictional universe really easily and completely escape from reality, at least for a little while and in this way you can really form a strong bond with certain imaginary places, fictional characters and of course ‘ships’.

Harry Potter is definetly one of those really popular  fictional universes with a huge fandom so it’s no surprise really that some of it’s wearable merchandise found it’s way into Penneys and obviously if you really love a certain book or movie you’ll jump at the chance to have some merchandise.

I think the problem with fandom fashions is that a lot of the time they’re not the most stylish or the most flattering clothes out there.

I mean, when clothes like these come to mind a lot of people would probably think along the lines of really cool cosplay outfits, but that’s not nessisarily something you could wear from day-to-day day, you know? On the other hand you might think of an unflattering one size fits all tee shirt, something that you’d laze around the house in but you probably wouldn’t wear it out anywhere.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. Just because fan merchandise isn’t exactly on trend doesn’t mean that you can’t look good wearing it.

So here’s a couple of (hopefully) helpful tips and styles that can help you on your way to wearing your fandom armour super fashionably… 

1. ♥ The simplistic approach…

When it came to the Harry Potter clothes collection in Penneys that inspired this post, there were a lot of whole outfits made specifically to wear together. 

For example, there was black leggings with Harry Potter written up the side of the left leg in bold white letters, paired with a burgundy tee-shirt with a large Hogwarts symbol decorating the front along with green slytherin socks and red and white Hogwarts converse style shoes covered in house crests.

All were gorgeous pieces individually but together… I felt that it was pretty full on.

Not that that’s a bad thing, but again it’s not exactly a stylish outfit that you could wear from day-to-day (don’t mistake stylish for trendy, just because you wear something that’s not ‘on-trend’ doesn’t mean it’s not stylish.)

There’s nothing too wrong with wearing them this way if this is what you like, but my goal is to make wearing fandom fashions funky and fashionable.

A great way to add something of your favorite band, book, comic or movie in a simple way could be to take one or two little pieces like the teeshirt or the pair of socks from the outfit I mentioned earlier and work them into one of your favorite outfits.

You don’t need everything you wear to scream your favourite book logo, adding in one or two pieces can actually be far more effective if you’re looking for that balance between fashion and fandom.

Why not try something like these?

It’s simple but still really captures those fan girl vibes throughout the outfit…

2.♥ Touches of jewellery. 

 One thing I’ve noticed (mainly on those aesthetic tumblr fan blogs)…that’s majorly on the rise in the world of fandom come fashion is jewellery.

From the hunger games mockingjay pin to the police box from Doctor who on a silver chain.  If you’ve got a fictional obsession you’re sure to find some sort of jewellery that relates to it.

Something both really pretty but yet also keeping true to your hardcore fan girl roots. Pieces of jewellery are really great little ways of carrying a piece of the fandom with you, they’re also perfect for everyday wear and are more likely to go with the stuff you’ve got in your wardrobe. 

They’re a beautiful simple way to say “I’m a fangirl ” without looking like you got attacked by a merchandise store. They’re also something you can wear all of the time, unlike a teeshirt or huddy.

There’s so many different online websites to pick from these days that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

After searching around my favourite shop was the rebel fandom shoppe.

When searching around online, this was one of the first shops I came across. It’s an online accessory store catering specifically for your favourite fandoms, characters and fictional universes from the The avengers to the immortal instruments they’ve got it! In my opinion it’s very worth checking out, the products are really well made. (They’ve even got the Time Turner from Harry Potter, in earring form! *squeals* ♥) They’re also reasonably cheap, compared to some.

Here’s a little peep at some of their gorgeous jewellery… 

 Click here to head over to their lovely website!… ♥

Though they are a little on the pricer side of things, I think that they’re so pretty and very worth it. (and hey, fan girls are known for splashing out for these things.)

3.♥ Be unconventional.

Yes, we all know those typical fan outfits, the ones with the merchandised teeshirt, skinny jeans and converse. Yeah, we’ve all had that outfit at some stage and there’s nothing wrong with it but, in the need to make things more interesting and far more fashion forward, why not be a little unconventional?

Discarding your skinny jeans for a pinafore, skort or skirt could look really good. 

4. ♥ Know what works for you…

I’m not sure if anyone else does this, I’m sure somebody else has to share this with me though, I can’t be the only one, can I?

You see, if I like something enough it doesn’t matter if it’s not my style or doesn’t really suit me … I’ll probably end up buying it anyway…

Yeah, I know… I’ve got shopping problems… 

If you, like me too get excited by anything fandom, take a step back before you make a run for the till to buy a whole bunch of stuff that may or may not suit you.

Remember not to lose yourself or your personality in the clothes that you’re wearing.

Yes, there’s little that says more about your personality than your favourite fandoms, but don’t get pulled away by things that might not nessisarily look flattering on you.

If you know from experience that, the pair of Harry Potter leggings your about to buy is going to do nothing good for your legs then don’t buy them. Simple as. 

The trick to fashionable fandom wear is to wear what suits you and what works for you while still incorporating your favourite obsessions.

There’s no need to wear something that fits you awfully or gives you no shape just for the sake of the logo, I think a lot if people fall into this trap, but there’s no need to.
Fashion and fandoms all in one… I hope to have a lot more of these types of posts!

Hope you’ve been inspired!

Now you can all go back to your fangirling x

Tell me what fandoms you’re apart of in the comments!

So, many the force be with you and don’t let the Muggles get you down ♥ 

Talk soon,

Dash x



  1. DisasterDavis · September 22

    Fantastic post, I adore some of the little outfit examples you put together and have fallen for the Harry Potter necklaces and the crop top! Fandoms, hmm.. Mine are definitely Harry Potter and Hello Kitty, I’m hooked on both!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dashoffashiongirl · October 3

      Awh! Thank you x I hope to do many more fandom posts in the future! I’m just obsessed with Harry Potter ^•^ Ohhh hello kitty? That’s so cute! Thanks again for reading xx


  2. thegirlwithanaccent · August 16

    I completely agree! It’s so easy to get lost in fandoms and lose your personality. Great tips to avoid that!
    I’m totally crazy for Harry Potter fandom, too! And I love Doctor Who, Star Trek and The Vampire Diaries, haha. Also a HUGE fan of Gilmore Girls!
    And hey, guess what! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It’d be awesome if you’d head on over to my blog and check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dashoffashiongirl · August 16

      Oh wow! ♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE long comments like this! Haha. Thank you so much. I have to say I’m absolutely crazy for Harry Potter too. Oh, oh and Vampire diaries, I was thinking about starting Doctor Who, because everyone I know seems to love it so much… ☺
      Awh! Thank you so so much for the nomination! that’s really awesome of you! haha, you really made my say with this comment! I’ll definitely go have a look see!


      • thegirlwithanaccent · August 17

        Hahah I’m glad! It was a great post and I had a lot to say!! 😀
        I honestly haven’t completed Doctor Who yet, but i still love it! I’m at season 5! Let me know if you start 🙂
        You’re very welcome!! Let me know if you decide to post!! 🙂


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