Fandom fashions: Penneys Harry Potter collection… 

Hey, Dash here!

Wow! Long time no chat?

Lifes sorta been getting in the way lately (It’s been a hetic summer, for sure!) but things should be getting back to normal now.

Anyways though, it’s probably obvious by now that, Penneys is one of my usual shopping haunts and  a little while ago while walking through, I stumbled upon some new stock and I think I nearly died. (Of joy.) I’m not even exaggerating. And do you known why? Well… in their new stock was a whole section dedicated to Harry Potter.

Yes. You heard me.

A whole section of clothes dedicated to Harry Potter.

Right, so before we go any further into this, I suppose I should let you know that even though I am fashion obsessed I’m also a bit of a closet geek, a fandom nerd, if you will.

I’m not even joking.

Comic books, movies, books, tv shows and video games… I become obsessed so, so easily. I just get sucked into the fandom and never really leave, from star wars to aquaman and iron man to Sherlock and of course Harry Potter, I can get a tad obsessed.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when my two loves fashion and fiction universes came together.

Honestly though, I know when people think fan clothes, what would usually spring to mind maybe isn’t the most stylish clothes, possibly a baggy, one size fits all tee-shirt?

A lot if people might think that fashion and fan clothes just don’t mix, but I don’t think that’s really the case because with the right accessories and a dash of confidence you can make anything look good. (Believe me, if I’m obsessed with something enough I’ll make it work.)

So without further rambling on my part, here’s the collection that’s had me hardcore fangirling…

  • The socks…

      A great example of how to incorporate a little bit of merchandise into your outfit without feeling like you’ve gone overboard. It’s simple, low key and really cute with the individual little crests on each.

      The socks are such a cute splash of rich colour with their reds, greens and yellows, which are great as we’re on our way into Autumn

      • The shorts…

        To me these are so stylish and chic. Way unconventional for fan merchandise. It’s something I could see tons of people picking up,not because they’re related to Harry Potter and have a mixture of Hogwarts crests dotted around them but because of their stylish look.

        To me their colouring is so chic mainly due to the contrast between the beige and the black trim and pattern.

        • The tee-shirts.

          Oh yes. Tee-shirts, they’re the classic piece of merchandise, aren’t they?

          These aren’t just another set of unflattering fan tees though, if Harry Potter wasn’t so famous many people might believe these to be cute tee-shirts.

          I really do like how they’re a little bit more fashion forward than the traditional, baggy band tee. (We all know how unflattering they can be…)

          Styling these maybe with a pencil skirt or a pinafore could look really pretty. Just to get away from that typical band tee, skinny jeans look.

          • The shoes.

            A cute little pomp shoe that’s just gorgeous.

            They’re a lovely little piece, maybe not to everyones shoe taste but the little crests dotted around the shoe in white, backing onto red really stand out. A must for the die hard fan like me 😂 

            Well, that’s it for now

            Talk soon and remember don’t let The Muggles get you down…

            Dash x 


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