Beyoncé concert fashion beauties 

Hey, Dash here! ♥ 

So, lately I’ve been working part-time in some stadiums in my area. One of them being Croke park, one of the main stadiums in Ireland and not too long ago Beyoncé herself came to our lovely green isle as part of her world tour, so I just happened to be working at it. Sadly this being the case I didn’t get to see her at all! So, I missed put on seeing her numerous outfit changes. *cries*

Though, I won’t despair too much, because though I didn’t see her, I met a ton of her lovely fans, some of which were fabulously dressed.

Some of them had, what I’d like to think is that perfect mix of comfy concert wear and ‘dressed to impress’ summer chic.

I saw a sea of bodysuits, patterned crop-tops, messy braids, fun festival body and face paint, along with body jewellery and henna tattoos.

I have to say that these girls just got it so, so right when it came it capturing that easy summer festival vibe.

Concerts can be a little bit tricky fashion wise. You want to look your best but also be comfortable enough to still enjoy yourself to the full.

Believe me, I know the discomfort of bad fashion mistakes…

Heels + mosh pit = immense pain.

Yeah I wouldn’t recommend it…

Anyways, with all of this in mind I thought I’d give you guys my top tips for a stylish yet comfy-casual summer concert outfit.

1. Keep it simple…

Nothing is worse than the discomfort of an annoying outfit. Seriously don’t put yourself through it.

I met one girl, who was wearing this absolutely gorgeous floor length kimono style dress and heels. A fabulous outfit, I honestly can’t fault her for that but, I met her again near the end if the night and the ends of her dress are all ripped! It was such a pity too.

My advice though, would be to keep your outfit simple. A crop-top with some shorts or a mini shirt would more than do. Something cute and casual and won’t get in your way like a floor length dress…

2. Accessorize…

Just because you’re keeping your outfit simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Try accessorizing to keep things from feeling too plain. You don’t need to go crazy, too much jewellery is definitely going to wreck your head. Keeping things easy and free is probably your best bet comfort wise. With this in mind, I’d say layered anklets or an armlet, summer-y, fabulous and easy to wear, are a great way to go. If you’re still looking for that little extra touch to your outfit, body paint and henna (semi-perminanat tattoo.) can actually be a really easy way to jazz up a summer concert outfit, giving it some real boho festival vibes, which I saw so much of at the concert.

3.High heel free zone.

Right, so unless you’re super, super comfortable moving around in your skyscraper heels for a fair few hours or have some little high heel cushions or pads (they can be pretty useful in these situations.) I’d say leave them at home.

Like I said before, to me at least at a concert comfort is everything and more than likely your gorgeous heels will start to wreck your head.

There’s such a wide variety of shoes you can choose from, so I wouldn’t just limit myself to heels you know? Ankle boots, converse, vans, sandals. So much more comfortable and,  if you’re like me, far less likely to trip and fall.

4.Backpack beauties.

I’m all about making things just that little bit easier and a backpack is a great way of doing this.

You know the way people say that when girls pack to go away on holidays they feel like they need to bring everything they own?

Yeah. Well, that’s me… Everywhere I go.

Unless I’m going for a run or something, I won’t leave the house without my phone charger, my purse, possibly a book, a note book and pen, a hairbrush, half my makeup bag, tissues (damn allergies *cries*) and a pair of socks.

That’s on an average day so as you can imagine, I never go ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE without a bag, in my experience handbags and concerts they don’t mix, there again though, I’ve never been in a seating area, so it might be more manageable there but from my concert standing experiences, bug hand bags aren’t exactly concert friendly… 

There’s just too many people and so much going on, you’d be mad to bring one.

This is where backpacks really to come in handy. You can literally shove a ton of stuff into it, throw it on your back and you can forget about it and just have some fun. No need to worry about holding onto it or something falling out.

Well that’s about it from me for now.

Hopefully you’ll now be ready and fully equipped to handle any summer concert that’s might be headed you say as starts to come to a close.

Talk soon,

Dash x


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