Bodysuit styling tips… 

Hey guys, Dash here!

Just a little while ago I was chatting to you guys about leotards as a summer trend and then I got thinking about how tricky styling certain trends that are newer to your wardrobe can be, so just incase I decided that doing a little styling tips post on these lovely but slightly tricky and tinie, tiny bit scary-to-wear leotards.

I mean, of course they’re not always perceived as an easy to wear asset to your wardrobe and many people will dodge them due to the fear of not being able to pull them off mainly because of body type. This really shouldn’t be the case though, if you actually try them you might just find yourself really loving the trend. (Doing ballet I was constantly in bodysuits when I was younger, so I guess I don’t really have that fear, though I can see where you might be coming from.)

Though, I’m here to show you fashionistas a couple of styling tips that might make it a little bit easier for you to brave wearing one, believe me you won’t regret at least trying one on.

  1. ♥ Choose one that suits you. (Where’s a pokéball emoji when you need it?…)

    Like any trend, it’s vital that you make it work for you. Luckily with bodysuits being so popular right now, they’re in nearly every shop we walk into so it won’t be hard to figure out what style suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

    You can get them in all shapes and sizes, all necklines, ones with tie up laces and cut outs. It should be easier to find out which style suits you.

    Well, to an extent this is the case but when it comes to something, like say boob size.( Remembering that leotards are generally quite tight and form fitting, you might just run into some difficulty.) If you’re that little bit bigger in cup or way down on the smaller side of the scale, they’re are certain necklines that can suit you better, depending on your size.

    For you smaller girls anything with a high neck, e.g. a halter neck will suit you perfectly and prevent your chest from looking really flat. (as your eyes will be drawn away from it.)
    If you’re a broader girl with a bigger chest then these tight fitting bodysuits might be a bit too tight across the top and make things just that bit uncomfortable for you.

    A dipping or low cut neckline is the perfect fit for you girls. They’ll certainly be more comfortable for you and still be very form fitting around the rest of your body, meaning that you’ll be showing off all your lovely curves and give you a little room to breathe.

    Though if neither of these examples are really you or you were but just weren’t all that into what I’ve shown you then maybe this next piece might just be for you.
    A lace up, criss-cross neckline could be the one for you. Suiting really any body type, (pull in the laces or tug them wider depending on what you’re looking for.)

    This subtle lace up style is literally EVERYWHERE and on everything from dresses to blouses, tees and crop-tops sported by celebs inclusive of the Kardashians. It’s also hot this sort of boho girl meets pirate vibe. (If you get what I mean.)

                  2. ♥ Style it casual…to get yourself comfortable wearing them…

    If you, like so many girls put there are a little bit apprehensive about going for a trend like this, test the waters first.

    Trying a versatile piece like this out in a casual way can get you more comfortable wearing it.

    Pair it with some jeans, boyfriends rolled up, high-waisted or your favourite ripped skinnies the choice is all up to you.  Maybe even a little chunky knit cardigan, (a perfect look for our transition from Summer to Autumn, by the way.) along with some converse, heels or ankle boots, whatevers casual to you really.

    This can definitely help you decide how you like the trend and from there you can get that bit more adventurous… 

          3.♥ Opt for something with some movement for a Summer-festival feel.

    A leotard is generally a figure hugging piece, so pairing it with something flow-y, that isn’t as skin tight, can be a nice way to give a more summer-y, laid back and less structured feel to your outfit. It’ll also add something that little bit more interesting to the outfit.Think along the lines of a long boho skirt, anything with a bit of movement to it.      You’ll look like you’re ready to hit Coachella.♥ 

    4. For something a little bit more stylish… Criss-cross laces, cut outs and plunging necklines could be just what you’re searching for…

    Going for a night out, to a party or just to dinner you can still rock a bodysuit no problem.

    Criss-cross lacing, some strategically placed cut outs or a simple plunging neckline can turn a bodysuit from cute and casual to edgy and sexy.

    {Paired with a high-low skirt for a bit of elegance…or a pencil skirt or a cross-over skort for a night out…}

    5.♥ French girl vibes can be achieved…

    Pairing a halter-neck bodysuit, (maybe even add some stripes for that iconic knotical, french feel) along with some simple A-line shorts and brogues or flats.

    6. ♥ Dragging your favourite bodysuit into the Autumn with you…

    Getting ready for the coming autumn, before going shopping for new clothes I tend to try and see which of my Summer pieces I can hold onto and wear for the autumn and one thing that I’ll definitely be wearing through the Autumn is my bodysuit.

    I like to layer.

    No, no. I love to layer.

    That’s why Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. (that and my birthday is the 1st of September…)

    Layering can be so much fun, be a great way to wear much loved Spring-Summer clothes in a new way and keep lovely and cozy.

    My go to things to layer with usually consist of wools and are nearly always chunky knits.

    Picture a chunky knit cardigan over a body suit, with some ripped skinny jeans and little booties.

    Or a halter-necked bodysuit with a chunky jumper on top, a pencil or mini skirt, some tights, leg warmers and some boots.

    Yes, yes yes! I love autumn but there’s no doubt that I’m getting carried away with my self, I’ll leave the transitional wear at that for now but I’ll definitely be coming back to it as Autumn comes ever closer.

    Well, that’s it for now…

    Hopefully you’ll have gained some styling inspiration from this ♥ 

    Talk soon,

    Dash x


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