Bodysuits :Trend alert

Hey Dash here! ♥

Trends… Trends… Trends…

We’re forever being introduced to new ones, some that we love and some that are utterly cringe worthy.

As you guys probably know I’m not hugely invested in trends but I do keep you up to date with some of my favourites and this is definitely on of them…

Leotards!… (or are they called bodysuits?… I’ve always said leotards so let’s stick with that for now… Let me know in the comments? )

For me, this trend has some definite throw back vibes. Doing ballet for… what? four years? (I think?…) I basically lived in these things.

I know they’re not for everybody, you’ll hear a lot of people talk about how much they hate wearing bodysuits or leotards. So, I’ll admit that that they can bit a little bit annoying to take off, especially if you’ve to go to the toilet. I mean, buttoning them and unbuttoning them all of the time does get a little annoying, so I suppose it just comes down to if you like them enough and if you’ve got the patience for them. Personally, I love them so I don’t mind at all, but like all trends it’s definitely a personal thing.

Anyways! I first spotted a leotard a couple of weeks ago in Penneys, and I actually remember, blogging about buying one. (Just incase you didn’t read that I’ll link to it here… Fabulous Penneys finds…) After that I began seeing them popping up all over the place! (It’s one of those, you notice it for the first time and then you start noticing them everywhere, situations… I’m not the only one who has those moments, right?)

I’ve pretty much seen them in every single colour and style and I don’t know about you guys, but I think this could be one of those iconic summer pieces. Nonetheless, layer them up with some chunky knits and it’s got you covered for the transition from Summer to Autumn. 

Although, I would say definitely try it on before you buy it, as though they are supposed to be really tight and form fitting all over, being 5ft1 when I tried mine on it was perfect everywhere else but the button up part, which seemed to hang down quite loose. Not that it’s an awful problem, because more than likely that part will be covered by shorts or a skirt or something, you know? But still watch out for it if your along the short side of the height spectrum.

Body types don’t matter too much for this piece though, heigh wise try it on before you buy it. Hesitant to buy into a trend like this because you not sure it’ll suit your body type? Don’t be! Though it looks a little daunting, it’s really isn’t as scary as you’d think, broad or petite you should at least give it a try, you know?

If you’ve any concern about styling it whether you just need some inspiration or your totally confused, have no worries! My next upload will be about styling them to perfection. So watch this space and I’ll link to it when it’s up.

Talk soon,

Dash x






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