My top tips to make your shopping trip top notch.

Hey!, Dash here!

It probably will come as no surprise to you when I say that I’m a major shopaholic and considering you’re reading my blog then you probably are too. Now, in all seriousiness I’m definitely no Rebecca Bloomwood but my love affair with shopping is pretty intense. This being said, for me, shopping is more than just buying a bunch of stuff, it’s the whole experience that comes along with it. The people you meet, the places you go, the new things you discover. All of it.

I always try to get the most out of my time spent shopping, it’s a big pass time for me whether it be window shopping or a full on shopping spree. So, I decided to share some of my tip top tips for making your shopping trips simply fabulous.

Number one..

Get up early.

I know, I know… Why on earth would anybody willingly get up early on their day off, I hear you say. But there is good reason for this. The earlier you get up, the earlier you can get shopping. Getting into the shops or where ever you’re going. (in my case town is the place I’d do most of my mad shopping sprees.) early means less fighting through crowds, less people crowding the public transport (if you’re like me and take the bus.) and less lines leading up to the cashiers in your favourite stores.

Number two…

Eat something!

Before you head off on your shopping journey, have a bite to eat. Having some breakfast is important in general, but especially if you’ve got a big day of walking, carrying bags, more walking, carrying even more bags and trying on tons upon tons of clothes, oh, and if you’re me running for the bus… a lot. Seriously, you’ll be starving if you don’t and if you’re anything like me when you’re hungry, then it won’t be fun for anyone.

Number three…

Bring some friends along…

Bringing some pals along with you can make that shopping adventure of yours ten times more fun and everyone needs a little bit of fashion advice on hand when you’re stood in the changing rooms dying because you can’t figure out which outfit suits you best and who better to have on hand to give this much needed advice than a friend?

Side note: What’s this you say? You friends aren’t on hand to go shopping with you, maybe they’re away on holidays or in work?..
Well Dash has a fabulous fix for this too. Sending them pictures and text to keep them in the loop can be just as fun. I do it all the time. (Usually taking full advantage of the free Wi-Fi on the buses and it shopping centres.)

Number four… (my personal favourite!)

Changing room fashion shows.

This works best with friends, but being the odd one that I am, I’ve done this many-a-time solo too. Try on a ton of things, even a couple of things that just aren’t completely ‘you’ (expanding your horizons.) Have a little dance around in them, take photos (have a full on photos shoot if you like.), just go for it. Believe me it’s really fun.

Number five…

Try new things!

Whether you’re a risk taker or set in your ways, trying at least one new thing when you go shopping, be it a new store, an outfit that’s just waaaaay put of your comfort zone or going for a bite to eat somewhere completely new. This can really change things up a bit, make things more memorable and overall just far more interesting.

Number six…

Go for lunch.

Speaking of food. While you’re shopping, why not go for lunch? Going for a quick cuppa or a full on feast can recharge your batteries, so that you can shop for longer before you drop. It also gives you a change to just chill and have a good chat with your buds.

Well that’s it for the moment.

Hope these tips will help improve you’re already fabulous shopping trips.

Talk soon,

Dash x


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