Batman meets makeup.

Hey, Dash here!

So, I was wandering through the aisles if penneys (looking for a dress, that I never did actually find…) and I spotted this little beauty.

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Yeah, batman I know! (for those of you who don’t know I’m a MAJOR and I mean MAJOR superhero fanatic. DC, Marvel, it really doesn’t matter. I love it all.) So, when i saw that batman logo, it had my full attention before I even knew what the product was.

Turns out it was a liquid eyeliner, which luckily was something I’d actually been hunting around for (my old one had run out about a month before and I felt like I was missing a family member.)

The packaging, I think it really gorgeous. It’s mainly black and white, with little accents if hot pink, making it just that little bit eye catching. (There again I’ll notice anything that’s pink.) The packing was covered in comic strip pictures, full of speech bubbles and pictures of batwoman. (The packaging was, if I’m honest the main reason I bought it… I probably need to stop buying things just because the look cute…)


The eyeliner bottle is actually very atheistically pleasing too. It’s made from a smooth, matte black plastic with very pretty silver writing along the side.


Moving on though, to the most important part; the actual eyeliner. The eyeliner itself is think and long with a little nib on the end, to apply the liquid with.(This is usually the type of eyeliner that I steer clear of because I’ve not got a very steady hand and felt tips glide on so much easier.

As for the liquid in the bottle it is quite water but it’s very black and fast drying. It’s also really easy to rub off! (Which if you make as many eyeliner mistakes as me, is god sent.)

All in all, I got user to the more watery consistency (after years of eyeliners that were more like markers.)

It took a little while to get used to it but I got there. Though I’m not actually too sure if it was difficult in the beginning because I’d never used that type before or because it wasn’t as good quality an eyeliner as it was only €2.50. (I think I’ll go for the latter.)

So, altogether I think I’d give this 5/5 for the packaging and 3/5 for the actual eyeliner, though considering it’s from penneys I’m pretty happy with how it looks.

Here’s how it looks:



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