Mastering the art of pink eyeshadow

Hey, Dash here!

One major makeup trend for this summer is definitely pink eyeshadow. (and I’m really loving it.)

Despite how amazing it can look and how much I love it, the look definitely doesn’t received a lot of praise and it is criticised a lot.

There’s a certain hesitance around this trend due to how difficult it can be to make it work but never fear because if there’s one thing I know it’s pink and I’ve got a couple of tips that’ll have you mastering the colour in no time.

Tip One… Bypass strong colours


Like the pile of maths work I should be doing right now, you can completely by pass them.

The main issue for most people, I’d say when it comes to pink eyeshadows are the darker, warmer tones of pink, you can easily by pass these problems by opting for a fresher, more subtle pale or pastel pink.

However, if this cop out simply isn’t an option, tips 2 through to 5 are definitely worth your while to take a look at.

Tip Two: Keep it up top


Nobody wants to end up lookimg like they’ve got conjunctivitis… (unless you’re trying to get out of school, maybe?)

Keeping your eyeshadow away from your waterline is usually the best way to avoid a flushed, ill look.

Tip Three: Putting up some borders


If a certain shade of pink just doesn’t suit you, sometimes you may think it best to avoid the colour completely, but if you really are insistent one particular there are ways to make it work for you.

One of these ways is to create a border between your eye and the colour.

Say black or white, they’d be two main eyeshadows that would work for anyone. A great example of this would be the use of liquid liner wings as a barrier.

Alternatively, tons of people have one colour eye shadows that just works for them no matter what. Be it navy blue or a tropical yellow, if it works for you go for it. Use the colour on the main part of your top lid, closest to the eye and then brush on the pink, out from it.

Tip Four: Intensity is key.


Just because your pink eyeshadow is really bright and loud, doesn’t mean you have to use the colour exactly the way it is in the pallet.

Gently brushing some you the colour across your lids can give a much lighter, easier to wear colour.

Tip Five: Mix up your shades…


There are just so many different shades of pink floating around the place, so why stick to just one?

Okay, okay… So usually when it comes to some difficult I’d say very simple with it, do it in moderation, but right now it’s time to throw that advice out the window.
Starting woth some easier lighter, paler pinks on the lid and moving out into darker, louder pinks. The paler colour, like the border can make it much more flattering to wear and the different shades will definitely complement each other very well.

So, I suppose there we have it? That’s my two cents on pink eye shadow and how to master it.

Being the pink fanatic that I am, I hope that you’ll all give the colour a try as it’s just so cute and especially since a colour like this, with its so, so many different shades can be worn nearly anywhere.

Let’s talk soon?

Dash x



  1. glowithclo · June 30

    So informative and pretty!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. missmariahw · June 23

    Love your post! 🙂 definitely going to be trying these tips when experimenting with my pink eyeshadow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rebecca Walby · June 20, 2016

    I really enjoyed reading this post, and I’ll definitely be trying these tips! I’ve never worn pink on my eye before but going to give it a go as its summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dashoffashiongirl · June 20, 2016

      Awh x thank you so much! I’m glad. That’s cool, it’s always fun to try something new and summer is usually the best time to experiment. I hope you love wearing it as much as I do! X

      Liked by 1 person

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