Dash beauty gems

Hey, Dash here!

Like most typical Irish girls, I spend in and around half my life in Penneys. (that’s Primark to you Brits.)

Why you ask?…

It is literally cute bargain heaven. With rails upon rails of reasonably cheap clothes, selves of pretty shoes and occasionally some really lovely makeup brands, like essence and… which are really cheap and most products are really good quality.

Wandering by the makeup stands a cute eyeshadow compact by essence caught my eye.

I’m not usually 100 percent in love with this brand but I couldn’t pass up this. It was just too pretty. I had to buy it.

The essence quattro eyeshadow. The four fresh pastel colours are perfect for a simple, pared-back Summer look or a ‘no makeup’, makeup look.



These creamy eyeshadows include a fantastic milk white, elegant lilac, matte beige and pastel shimmer pink.

The four fresh colours are really neutral, working for every skin tone really. But by no means does this make them boring.

Besides creating a lovely clear and fresh summer face these lovely colours have some great hidden uses. (The more I seem to use them the more uses I’m discovering, so I’ll keep you posted for more..xx)

Starting with white…

As well as being my go to Summer eyeshadow, it also doubles as a really good highlighter. I usually put it on my cupid’s bow and cheek bones. (Cheek bone?. Yeah, sometimes contouring just isn’t my thing so I just brush some of this on.

I tend to use this one a good bit under my eyes and brows, just to brighten the areas up and rid myself of any tiredness. (Just like how a lot of people line their waterline with white eyeliner.) ( I must stress with this one though, that I am extremely pale so this works fine for me, but it could possibly wash you out a little if you’re not.)

White cream eyeshadow like this is also great as a base for more crumbly eyeshadows and other colours in general. It’ll help the colour stay in place much better.

Moving onto pretty pink…

Now, in all fairness when it comes to pink I’m a tad bit obsessive…(my bedroom walls are pink, my duvet is pink, my pencil case… The list is pretty much endless.)

Needless to say this colour makes it into a huge variety of my makeup look.

I apply the eyeshadow to my cheek as a pale pink blush. (Which if you’re pale like me… (cries will I ever tan…?) can look really natural and give a subtle but very pretty glow.

I also sort of dab a little bit of this ontop of my pale pink lip stick and clear lip gloss. (Is that weird?… Probably is…)

The eye shadows does give a lovely little shimmer to both the lippy and gloss, which greatly improves the look of the matte pink lip stick, in my opinion. (Have to say I’ve never been big on matte lip colours… I’m more into shimmers and sparkles, if I’m honest.)

Lilac… Lilac… Lilac…

I really do like this colour. If I’m honest though, so far all I’ve been able to use it as is an eyeshadow.

(Side note though…It is a really similar colour to the pink, as they’re both so light, using them on the eyelid both at the same time can tend to look like one big block colour.)


This one is a little bit more matte than the others, as they all have a little bit of a shimmer to them because of this it makes a fairly good under eye concealer.

As well as this,  the slight orange undertone to the eyeshadow makes it a good bronzer and great for contouring.

Side note: that really does depend on the tone of your skin. Remember your contour should be a shade or two darker than your actual colour.

I absolutely love multi-use products like these and for €3.50, I didn’t exactly break the bank.

A beauty product like this one is not only perfect for summer because of it’s fresh colour scheme but also, as you can condense a good bit of your makeup bag down by swapping some of your products for this, you won’t have to pack a ton of makeup in your suitcase if you’re going away. (We all know the struggles of minimising the beauty products we bring abroad with us.)

This is definitely a rare penneys beauty gem.

Talk soon,

Dash x



  1. fayonline · June 16, 2016

    Amazing! I love Essence ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexa Make'up & Beauty · June 16, 2016

    I love Essence too..that eye- shadow is so niceeee! Kisses beauty! 💋💋💋

    Liked by 1 person

  3. daisy360 · June 13, 2016

    Lovely post! Definitely got a new follow from me!
    Daisy x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. simplyyfloral · June 13, 2016

    Follow for follow??

    Liked by 1 person

  5. rachmcalister · June 12, 2016

    I love Esscence! It’s such an underrated brand! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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