My 2016 Spring staples

Hey, Dash here

Long time no talk?

Well actually it’s only been about a week but still.

Where was I you ask? Sadly, drowning under a ton of school work, but I’m back now, with a bunch of stuff that I’m dying to tell you all about, (though with exams coming up my updates won’t be as frequent. )

Enough of all my ramblings though and onto something far more important, Spring Fashion staples!

Being the fashion loving Irish girl that I am, when it comes to fashion, especially for the Spring season, I’ve got to be ready for absolutely any and every type of weather. (From dreadful rain storms to gorgeous ice-cream weather , literally all within the space of a couple of seconds.) So with this in mind, my Spring staples have to be majorly versatile.

Here’s just a few of my staples to inspire you for this Spring.

Chunky-knit wool cardigan…

Wool is one of those random trends that I don’t think many of us saw coming for Spring/Summer. Now that it’s here though, I don’t think I’d know how to part with it.

Chunky cardigans like these are just ideal for layering, something that I find myself doing a lot of on a freezing cold Spring day. (We get a ton of those here on the emerald isle.) I just refuse to put on a big autumn/winter coat, so layering is my best friend. Especially denim jackets and wool, they go wondefully together.


A Denim button-up pencil skirt…

I love, love, LOVE anything denim. It’s something sort of hard to get wrong.

No matter the season denim is an absolute staple piece for any wardrobe, and a denim skirt is just a nice refreshing way to wear it. Rather than just another pair of denim jeans.

Hot or cold, it really doesn’t matter, pairing it with crop tops and sandals or chunky knit wear and tights or knee high socks and you’re good to go. This skirts got you covered. (I swear by it.)


A cute turtle neck… or four…

So, turtle necks have some pretty throw back vibes for me, I used to wear them constantly when I was little… and they were pretty awful looking back on it now. So, for a long while (about eight years) I basically swore off them. But then I spotted one in Bershka and just had to get it… Now I’ve about four.. Anyways, this ones got a really cute tie top part to it, that changes the feel of it completely, this is a turtle neck far from the ordinary autumn/winter style that we’re all used to. It’s edgey and Spring-Summer.


A denim jacket…

Denim jackets are timeless.

They just work.

Dress them up. Dress them down.

Dresses, skirts, flannels, tees… It really doesn’t matter it’ll work.

Denim jackets go with it all and are so stylish and on trend. image

Cute, white kicks…

This is a trend that’s everywhere and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Especially for Spring they bring a lovely bright, clean feel to any outfit, and that’s what Spring is all about.


A simple dress…

Think along the lines of a slip dress or long sweater dress. Both are very in rigjt now.

Again, with the versatility of the weather my outfits need to be able to keep up. Layer up a slip dress with on trend woolies or throw on some cute flats and converse and off you go. Quick. Easy. Ready for it all.

Wool, tight fitting dresses like these are really simple and chic, paired with some white kicks and you’ve got a fresh, but cozy spring look, because not everyday is going to be a scorcher.





Cute stripped tees…

Okay, so this is less of a trend, more of something I just love.

These tees, to me, have a cute parisian, very Tommy Hilfigar, very knotical feel about them.

I spotted them and I bought them within seconds, they’re lovely for th e warmer days and will do you straight into that gorgeous summer weather we’re all hoping for.



You can never have too many tees and these were only €4 from Penneys.

Case closed these were a must.

Silvery bling…

I’m a total magpie okay…

This Spring it’s all about being fresh and clean and a bit of silver jewellery can do this great.

I’ve always loved my silver jewellery and the metallic hue offers a really modern and edgy vibe.

Clear cut and clean that’s what jewellery is all about at the moment


Knee socks.

I’ve got a recent obsession with knee socks… So much so that I wrote a whole post on them, which you can check out here here,, if you’d like.

Knee socks are just that bit more unusual and trendy than tights and they can give a really quirky twist on any outfit. They’ll also make pieces like shorts and short skirts work great for colder days.


Trousers and jeans…

Ever versatile, ever a staple, are the humble jeans. Lately I’d been having a bit of an inspiration block when it came to something fresh and new in the form of jeans.

But then, I found this really great shop called Betabrand

This shop on a whole has a really large range of pieces. Going from the cute to the quirky and a bit of work wear, they’ve got something for everyone. Especially their range of women’s trousers which gave me some inspiration, that I just had to share with you guys.

First off, I found these scrolling through their website.


I love this burgundy colour and the fact that the trousers end just before the ankle, gives them a more summer-y, fresh feel.

They really just give a bit of a colour pop, that’s perfect for Spring, a time when our wardrobes start to get that little bit more colourful again.

Sometimes, incorporating colour into our wardrobes can be hard and when it comes to my trousers and jeans, I can tend to just jump for a pair of denim jeans out of fear. Trousers though can really be a great way to spread some much needed colour.

You get the same sort of subtle colour pop from these lovely indigo jeans.


Both of these really have me wanting to incorporate some colour into the next pair of jeans that I buy.

This next one is a tad off topic but I found it and I knew no matter what I was going to talk about it.

You guys all know how much if an affinity I’ve got for a bit of quirky fun with my fashion, so this next piece probably won’t shock you too much really.

Just look at these!


How gorgeous are they?! Probably not for the faint hearted, but definitely the type of thing I could see myself wearing. (if only the weather in Ireland would allow for it.. *sighs*)

Talk soon,

Dash x



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