Perfect Pinafores…

Hey, Dash here!

I fell inlove with Pinafores.

Okay, so if you went to a primary school like the one I was in, then you might have sworn off Pinafores completely, I know I had.

The god awful memories of preteen me in an, dark green pinafore and cardigan still haunt me to this day I swear. But, the other day I stumbled across a couple of cute, little pinafore dresses and fell inlove.

They’re honestly a life saver that you definitely need in your wardrobe for this spring/summer, that you can still wear well into the next autumn winter season.

The pinafore dresses I’ve found are gorgeous and can be made look really stylish with some personal accessorising. These dresses are great for those days when you just want to throw something on and go, or you’ve no clue what you want to wear, because you can literally pop them on with a t-shirt, polo neck, crop top or jumper and head out the door.

These are the type of garments that are so fun to wear because they let you focus completely on the accessorising.

Pinafore dresses have to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing I’ve ever come across, second only to skinny jeans.

You can literally do so much (or so little) with them and they can look so good.

Unlike certain dresses though, these can really be worn by anyone from girly girls to punk rockers.

So, here’s a couple of different ways I like to style this really versatile trend.


Before we get too deep into the trend and try anything too extreme, a simple white top or crop-top under a simple pinafore dress can be a really nice way to start.

Simplicity is key with a look like this, which is great for a laidback Spring/Summer look.

For the more out going, why not try incorporate this trendy piece with a classic Spring time trend? Floral!

The great thing about a floral pinafore is that you really don’t have to do too much with it if you don’t want to, the pattern really just speaks for itself.

Teaming a piece like this with a pale or plain white t-shirt is easy and a great way to make the pattern stand out more.

You’ll also be truly embracing all that us spring, in a look like this!


Coloured pinafores. If you’re not a fan of floral, but still want to seep a splash of colour into your wardrobe this is the m dress for you.

You can style this anyway you want really.

Personally, I think sone pastel pink converse and a lilac coloured satchel or backpack would go so well with the yellow pinafore in the picture above⬆
It would be a definite nod to the bright pastel colours I’m seeing all over the place lately and truly embraces the ‘summer fun’ theme that quite a lot of designers and brands are going for at the moment.


For the minute it’s still freezing outside, so trying a cute turtleneck with your pinafore will keep you super cozy and have you looking really cute.


The denim pinafore is a classic and denim of any sort pretty much goes with everything and anything.

A denim pinafore is a great way to get into the spring Boho trend going on. Remember, anything frilly or flowy, white blouses, lace or beachy waves can easily create a perfect boho chic loom.


Tartan! I’m a huge fan of tartan and even though it’s more of an Autumn/Winter thing, I think if you steer clear if any red tartan colours and veer towards more greens, blues, purples, pinks and yellows it can really work great for the explosion of colour we have coming our way this summer.


On the off chance that nothing I’ve shown you so far has inspired you, why not try go for an edgier look.

Leather or black pinafores paired with Doc boots, black knee-high socks, layered necklaces, chokers and bomber jackets can make for a really stylish and edgy outfit.

Well that’s it for the moment!

Hopefully something I’ve talked about has inspired you.

Talk soon,

Dash x



  1. Mimi14Senpai · April 18, 2016

    Reblogged this on ThreeCreativeGirls and commented:
    This is a cute trend! 🙂 😉 ❤ This post is reblogged from Dash of Fashion Girl!

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    • dashoffashiongirl · April 24, 2016

      Thanks so much for reblogging my stuff! I really do appreciate! I’m really glad that you enjoy what I have to say xx


  2. observeandreview · March 12, 2016

    Hey! I’ve just completed my Infinity Dreams Award post and I have nominated you for it! For more details see: If you’ve done it, sorry. Enjoy and pass it on!

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    • dashoffashiongirl · March 12, 2016

      Congrats xx thanks so much for the nomination, I’ll get right on this. Love your answers!


    • dashoffashiongirl · March 23, 2016

      Congratulations! Xx thank you so much, I appreciate it and I’ll get on this right away ^.^


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