Wool for Spring/Summer!

Hey, Dash here!

I’ve been talking a lot about trends for the up and coming seasons lately and I thought I just couldn’t pass up the chance to mention this one.

On models parading up and down the catwalks, there’s been a shocking amount of wool seen.

It’s quite an unusual fabric for Spring/Summer but I’m thinking that this trend could work.

In Ireland, we do have tons of freezing weather scattered throughout every season, even summer. So, this trend will definitely be working in my favour, but for those of you living in a warmer climate, not to fear! There’s loads of ways you guys can get in on this cute new trend, without sweating buckets.

Here’s a couple of different pieces and ways on styling them that’ll have you rocking this trend!


First up, the oversized cardi…

Okay, so if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll be well aware of just how much I love and obsess over these!

When it comes to oversized cardigans you really can’t go wrong. Whether you choose chunky knit for those freezing days or fine knit for those sunny scorchers, style wise they’ve got you covered.


Here’s just a smidge of inspiration for you.

Chunky knit is a personal favourite for me, I just love the way if looks. t’s a real sloppy style, which is a great look if you’re going for a care free Spring-times style.

Pairing it with tighter or more fitted thing though, I’d say is key to wearing them. Wearing lots of baggy clothes with it, can swamp you and it just won’t look that flattering at all.

Skinny jeans compliment this really well and slip dresses, which are really coming back into fashion, suit them so well.



When it comes to fine knit you can style them very the same but they’ve got that bit more of a beach-y, boho chic vibe to them.

Styling them with lace, beads, feathers, Aztec prints, satchels, ankles boots, sandals or beach-y waves in your hair.


Second, we’ve got the knee high socks…




These are just a or any wardrobe, especially for the Spring.

You can wear them with pretty much anything and can give a quirky feel to any outfit, new or old. The ones with lace trimming and cute bow might look a bit childish but I think they’re just gorgeous and girly and give that bit extra to an outfit, even one that doesn’t have too much going on in it.

Thirdly, we’ve got the Poncho!

Okay, okay! So, I know you’re going to say.

I’m really weird or there’s no way in hell I could wear one of those, but there actually so very pretty and stylish.



Just look how cute this poncho is!

It’s got lovely fringing at the ends, it’s off the shoulder, oversized, resting just at the thigh and it’s got a cute distressed, chunky knit style to it. It’s so very boho chic, which is always in for Spring/Summer. Drop necklaces and pendants also go great with them!


Fourth is the cover-up jumper.





These are ideal for those summer beach days to throw over a bikini. They can be thrown over pretty much anything and just add that little something more to an outfit.

They work great when teamed with pencil skirts, drop necklaces and they layer really well with cami tops and tee-shirts.

So, I hope this has inspired you some.

Hopefully I’ll chat to you tomorrow!

Dash x





  1. Alio · February 29, 2016

    I’ve nominated you for an award on my blog https://thisisalio.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/🍭liebster-award🍭/ Alio X


  2. mrssuz · February 28, 2016

    Great post! Thanks for the like and follow. I like the blog. The writing I’d really good.

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  3. maariyahshakeel · February 27, 2016

    I love you posts xx

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