survival guide tips for concert go-ers!

Hey! Dash here,

So, on Tuesday I went to a really amazing concert in the 3 arena, During. One if my absolute favourite bands, all time low were playing and it was just unforgettable!

Concert are always great, but there are a couple of things that, I think are a must for concert go-ers to keep in mind.

1.Comfy shoes!

Especially if you’re standing, you’d be mad to wear anything that would  hurt your feet after a while. Heels are a no-no, wedges too. You might have a perfectly amazing pair of heels, that coordinate with your outfit, but believe it’s so not worth it and that’s coming from a shoe-a-holic.

2. Always bring a bag!

I prefer backpacks, mainly because you can throw it on your back and not have to worry about holding onto it, plus you can fit loads in it.

3. Wear layers!

I love layering when it comes to fashion, but when it comes to concerts during the colder months, like right now it’s a MUST.

At a lot of concerts, you could be waiting outside for a while and standing in the freezing cold or getting drenched in rain is probably not the best way to get yourself pumped up for a concert… Believe me I was only standing outside for about half an hour and I got soaked and was freezing, go Irish weather. Though, because I was wearing a couple of different layers (a bomber jacket, a denim jacket and a flannel.) I did retain some heat and once we got inside (the concert was indoors.) it heated up pretty quickly, so I was able to shed my layers and shove the in my rucksack. It made life just that little bit easier!

4.  Lay off on the layers of l makeup.

Now, we all adore our makeup but, I’ll be honest we all get pretty hot and sweaty (definitely while standing.) so a good portion of your makeup will probably just slide off after a while.

Go easy on the makeup, maybe focus more on your eyes and lips thank you actually skin because foundation can both come off really easy and feel really uncomfortable on your face when it’s really hot.

5. Stay hydrated!

This is really important.
Drink loads of water before and during the concert, if you can.

You’ve no idea how many times I’ve heard of people fainting at a concert from dehydration. Oh, and a lot of places won’t let you bring your own drinks in just incase, so be prepared to fork out a bucket load of money for a bottle of water once you get inside.

6. Decide on a meeting spot.

Always have a place to meet your friends at if you get separated from them.

7. This is just an after thought but maybe bring some deodorant with you? This is more of a personal thing that I’d do though.

8. Long hair…

If you’ve got long hair like me, it’s better to keep it up and out of your face otherwise it’ll just be in the way and add to the whole sweaty mess that you’ll probably become, by the time the concert comes to a close. So, deciding on a cute upstyle is probably your best option.

Well, that’s it for now.

Hope you’ve gotten a dash of inspiration from all my ramblings…

Talk soon,

Dash x



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  2. 50shadesofjadebeauty · February 18, 2016

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