Denim without the jeans…

Hey, Dash here!

Now, If there’s one thing I love, it’s a gorgeous pair of denim jeans and though you can really never go wrong with them, sometimes I feel like maybe I wear them too much?

I suppose I’m just so used to throwing on a pair of denim skinnies with my outfit and being happy with it.

So, wanting to broaden my horizons I’ve decided to try shake things up a bit and show you some great denim alternatives to jeans, because denim does go with everything but we need to see that there’s more to the fabric than just jeans.

1. The button-up pencil skirt.

One if these is gorgeous and a sure staple piece for any wardrobe!
No matter your style they’ll work for you whether you’re pairing it with a boho off the shoulder, crop top or a bagy tee-shirt slightly tucked in.

They’re super chic, very European feeling and you’d be mad not to invest in one of them.


2. The denim skater skirt.

It being denim, of course it’s going to work well with nearly anything you pair it with. They give off, maybe a slightly younger feel and are a must for a summer outfit. You can mix and match it with lots and they can be styled really girly and cute, which I love.

Under chunky knit jumpers, with cropped tees and blouses, this is a must for anyone wanting to embrace some girlieness for the spring/Summer season.



3. The denim jacket.

Well, honestly what can you even say about this?

It’s timeless. It works with everything and anything.

No joke!

I once wore my denim jacket to a wedding with a flow-y coral dress and later that week I wore like same jacket with a casual tee-shirt and skirt. Two completely different outfits, but both looked really good with the jacket.

It’s a piece that just really pulls an outfit together!



4. The denim shirt.

This is a piece that can be worn basically any way that you’d wear a flannel. Tied at the waist, on and open or tied at the chest. It can be a great way to get away from all those flannels, if you’re a flannel-a-holic like me, but still keep the style.

They also work great with pastel colours and are a good piece for those warm spring days where it’s cool in the shade.


5. The denim dress.

I really love these! They make everything so easy as they’re perfect when you’ve no clue what to wear!

Throw it on, add some jewellery, a pair of heels or ankle boots and ta-da, you’re good to go!



6. The denim dungeress.

Denim dungeress… Now, these can bit a little more tricky!

They’re super cute, but not for everyone and there’s always that fear that you’ll end up looking like a toddler… And that’s no good to anyone.

My advice on these would be to steer clear of them, unless you’re of a smaller, more petit build, oh and try pair them with more chic or classic pieces. This way you can rest assured that you won’t end up looking like a giant two year old.

I always think turtle neck crop tops can really gorgeous with them!




Hope this has inspired you a little,

Why not try out some of these denim staples?

Talk soon,



  1. J · February 9, 2016

    I’m addicted to my denim skinnies too but girl! You’ve got me interested in a lot of these now!

    Liked by 1 person

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