Let’s think pink!

Hey, Dash here!


So, this coming spring pink I’ve predicted will be BIG. Which, to me is great. I’m a bit of a girly girl and any excuse to where pink I will gladly take.

I’m really loving pastel and baby pink.


Girly girls rejoice!

Whether you’re spending your spring shivering from the cold (like me.) or soaking up the sun, there’s lots of stylish outfits out there.

Personally, during Spring I always end up with a mixture of woolies and crop tops, things change a lot, so I find having a good mix of stuff is really handy.

I just love all these cute knitted crop tops and gorgeous sweat shirts. They’re really easy to wear, are a good mix between keeping warm and staying cool and even though it might not be summer yet you can start injecting that little bit more colour, like pink into your outfits.

Pink is a really versatile colour that goes well with so much and comes in so many different shades.

By the way! This has to be one of my personal favourites!  It’s like a mixture of lace, chill out wear and boho chic. It’s flowy and frilly and ah!!!

I WANT, it’s simply gorgeous!



Not too set on the pretty in pink trend, yet?

Well not to fear! If you’re not ready to invest in the colour, but still want to give it a go, why not try sprinkle some pink magic into your wardrobe by adding a few accessories.

Maybe a hat, necklace, nailvarnish, a bag or lipstick injected into your look can make the world of difference and refresh and older, maybe not so cheery outfit.


Are you a proud Tom boy? Or just not that fond on pink?

Even though you may not love it or think you can wear it, always know that pink is atleast an option.

Fashion is all about trying new things and testing the boundaries.

So, why not test some of your own boundaries and give the pretty colour a go? You might be surprised.

Pink goes with every hair colour and every skin tone. It’s simply marvellous!

Dressing in pink doesn’t mean you have to go all plaited skirts and frilly dresses, you can easily wear pink in the form of a sweat shirt, a baseball cap, a checkered flannel or a pair of pretty runners.


I thought ending with a quote from mean girls was all too fitting!

Talk soon!

Dash x



  1. Rachelle R.M. · January 27, 2016

    Adorable! Pink is one of the few colors I have splashed into my monochrome wardrobe. Can’t go wrong with pink accessories though 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gettingthroughanxiety · January 26, 2016

    Hey Dash! I must say that the pink lace tank top is really cute (though I’m not a fan of crop tops. If it were longer though, I’d love it!). I also like the necklaces that you posted!

    I’m not a huge pink person but I do like to wear it on and around Easter! Plus, as long as it’s not too much pink, I like a “dash” of it now and again. Get it, a dash of it!? I crack myself up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • dashoffashiongirl · January 26, 2016

      Awh, I really love long comments like these! ♥ Pink lace is really pretty isn’t it!, I get you not everyone adore a crop top, u think they can look quite cute though,Awh thanks I’m glad you like the necklaces, I’m a bit of a jewellery fanatic ^.^

      Liked by 1 person

    • dashoffashiongirl · January 26, 2016

      😂 u gotcha hahaha


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