Cute Spring-y curls!

Hey, Dash here!

Lately I’ve gotten really into my hairstyles, curls and waves in particular.


Remember that double high bun hairstyle I posted the other day? Yes? No? well here’s a picture and a link if you’re interested. (Link to post…)



Anyways, I actually realised that it’s great for giving a gorgeous wave to your hair! No braiding or heat needed, which is also a plus.

I found this out by mistake, I’d worn the hairstyle to school and when I came home in the evening I decided to take it out and this is what I was gifted with.


Cute, right? Well I think so.

I’m not really into corkscrew styled curls and it’s a bit too early, I think for beach-y waves, but these are a lovely in between.

Sadly, they didn’t last very long. So, I added some mousse, but hairspray works too. I prefer the mousse though because it gives that little bit of a better, bouncer curl, instead of just keeping it in place.

I think it’s just a really pretty look and I’ll definitely be wearing it in the weeks to come.

So, here’s how it’s done!


Firstly, brush out your hair, just to take any tangles out.

next split your hair in half and put them up into two pigtails.


  • Your hair can be dry or damp for this either works really well
  • I put it into two buns so the curve of the curls aren’t all the same.

After that take one of your ponies and twist it until its tight and then twirl it around the top you your pony, secure with bobbins or clips.

Once you’re finished with both, then you can take a hand full of mousse  (my favourite are all from VO5.) for each bun. (Of course this does depend on how much hair you actually have, so just tailor it to you.) and leave it to dry.

Once dry you can take them out or you can leave them in for that little bit longer. (the longer you keep the in the better the curl.)

Talk soon,







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