Great apps for fashionistas and beauty lovers alike!

Hey, Dash here!

Are you mad into your makeup or fancy a bit of fashion?, Well probably I mean why else would you be here?

If so then these are some apps on the play store that you need in your life, if they’re not already on it. So, clear off some space on your phone or tablet and get ready to download.

Let’s start off with the android fashion apps!


Personally, I couldn’t live without this app! Style, scandal and shopping! Keep up to date with all your style, fashion and celebrity news and get updates on discount products.



In need of some style inspiration?,
This is a fashion look book filled with stylish ideas.



Many of you probably already know this app. Again, this is great for those of you looking for some style inspiration. It’s just overflowing with stylish outfits. (Though, I did find some pretty hideous outfits too.)


This is an online shopping app with great deals on brand items, for all you shopaholics who don’t want to brave the outside world or just can’t find the time.


This app is a fashion trendtracker. Do you love keeping up with the latest trends? Then in sure you’ll adore this app, full of street style fashion, inspiring runway trends and gorgeous catwalk videos updated daily you’ll never grow bored and you’ll always know what’s going on in the trendsetting fashion world.

Now onto the beauty apps, because who doesn’t look a bit of hair and makeup glamour?

Cute – Beauty shopping.

This is exactly what you would think, a trendy makeup and beauty app for buying products, but wait that’s not all! A lot of the products are also sold for 50-90 percent off! (If that doesn’t make you want to download it, I don’t know what will!)


You cam makeover – Makeover studio.

New year, new you? Are you looking for a change of look but are too afraid to take that plunge and change things up.
Why not try this cute app out? Upload a photo of yourself and choose between different hairstyles and makeup looks. It’s a great way to figure out what suits you before getting all your hair chopped off or buying that expensive lipstick




  1. Rachelle R.M. · January 5, 2016

    Hi there, thanks for the blog follow! I really like this post, as I wasn’t aware of these apps, quite educational!

    Liked by 1 person

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