New years resolutions…


Hey, Dash here!

So the new years upon us and with that brings new years resolutions. (and the struggles with keeping them.)

Every year I make a bunch of resolutions and every year they last about… Eh a week? I know, I know for shame!

But this year I’ve got a pretty good idea.
I’ve decided to blog as I go along my resolutions, which means 1. More blog content and 2. I’m more likely to stick with my goals.

I’d say my biggest and toughest resolution would have to be getting more exercise

I’ve always been pretty awkward and sort of uncoordinated when it came to sports, though I did ballet when I was little, I was more so the type of kid read books and drew, so sports are a bit of a no no for me. But I’ve decided to change that. This year like most years I say I want to be healthier and get fitter and maybe some of you guys out there want to do it too?

From the start of the new year I’ll hopefully be uploading what things I’ve done and maybe even some yummy healthy food that I’ve been eating, and maybe if you’re doing anything similar we can support each other? ^.^

Exercising can be tough and so can staying healthy but I’m going to try and give it a go. I’m still not sure how to go about it maybe I’ll join dancing or maybe I’ll go jogging,  who knows yet. If you’ve got any good ideas please let me know. ♥

Anyways, my other resolutions are a lot smaller but still things that I’m always meaning to do but never get around to.

Cleaning my makeup brushes.. Have I ever even tried to do that..? Probably not.

Stop bindging on TV shows and stop staying up until the wee hours if the morning to watch them.

Pass my maths class. I’m thinking of trying to study it atleast once a week. I hope…

Keep my nails pretty. (by painting them in new colours that I’ve never tried before.)

Gain some extra confidence,  by talking to new people and doing new thing.

Fingers crossed all goes well!

Have you guys got any new years resolutions?  If so share them with me in the comments below!

Talk soon x

Dash x


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