A gorgeous outfit from Taylor Swift

Hey guys ♥

If you hadn’t already realised it,  I simply adore Taylor Swift, her clothes, her attitude and most importantly her style!

This gorgeous outfit is one she wore just a few days ago on her birthday and it’s just fabulous.


It’s really fashion forward but it’s also got that little sprinkle of Swiftie personality.

It consists of a cropped navy long sleeved jumper, which is super trendy and teamed with a cute tartan ( a must material for your winter wardrobe.) wrap around skort. ( I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a soft spot for these cuties.)

This look is really winter-y, chic casual and has to be may outfit of the month.

An outfit like this is really flexible and easy to wear, it’s casual like I said but also very stylish and well put together, with the right pair of boots (I’d be going for ankle.) his outfit could so take you from a winter coffee catch up with the girls to a cozy evening meal

♥ I reaaaaaly like this one ♥

*Nine days until Christmas*

Talk soon,

Dash x


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