Lips that you need to try this season that aren’t red.

Hey guys,

Yes, Christmas is in full swing and the lights are all a glow. So as the party season rolls on in, you’ve probably begun thinking up your party outfits and makeup for the festive season.

As I’m sure you’re becoming aware, we seem to be lacking in those lovely red lips that we adore to see every year. Red lips aren’t really taking center stage at all this winter season, so I’ve compiled a list of really trendy colours and cute alternates to that lovely red lip.

Iced and pale pinks…

Now, I live for this style of lip. Pale or iced pinks go so well will any skin tone from dark and tanned to fair and pale. They also work great with the nude trend that’s going on at the moment. Light pinks look fresh, winter-y,  stylish and paired with heavy black eyeliner and some wide lashes with none or white Eyeshadow looks fabulous and super cute. (though, I’m sure you do anyway.)


If you’re looking for a more defined lip, that stands out to take the place of the red lip, then why not try some of these plum purples,  maybe even lined with a little bit of black liner smudged on the outer line of your lips to really make it stand out.

You could also try a bright fuchsia pink or a colour along those lines. Just experiment and have fun. Stand out this season with some not so typical colours.


*Ten days until Christmas.*

Talk soon,

Dash x


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