Self confidence, it’s the best beauty product out there.

On the second day of Christmas Dash of fashion girl gave to me a natural guide to being happy in your own skin, because if you aren’t comfortable in your own skin how on earth can your feel good in the clothes you wear.

So, I’ve been doing some thinking about the fashion industry and the media in general and I just thought, You know what? So many magazine, TV shows, sites and blogs show images and videos of the perfect life, the perfect person and even without really realising it the media can create this bubble, I suppose of whats right and “perfect”, the perfect life,  the perfect family, this perfect world that really doesn’t exist.

When in reality there isn’t a certain perfect way to be. We don’t see what goes on when the cameras stop rolling, what these “perfect” people look like without their makeup artist running around after them for quick touch ups or how they can look when they get up in the morning or when they’re sick.

We see a segment of their life and we’re made to think that it’s all that their life is, when in reality it really can’t be, not one single person can be that “perfect” all the time.

I guess at times, especially when you don’t think you fit that super model or reality TV star role you can become under confident in yourself or begin to feel as if you aren’t good enough. (I think we’ve all been their. I know I have.)

When really you are.

So what if you aren’t as tall as the fabulous Taylor Swift or you’re not as skinny as a runway model. (I’m sure they have something about themselves that they’d love to change too, I’ve never met a person who doesn’t.)

You are you. You may not be Kim kardashian, but who actually wants another Kim kardashian,  the world loves and trives through individuality and being yourself.

You as the fabulous, wonderful human being that you are, should love who you are and all your little faults. Everyone has faults, maybe you would like to be taller or more tan or you hate your freckles but believe me. With self love comes happiness in your own skin and with happiness comes confidence. And confidence is the best beauty product around.

Not that it’s easy to love yourself,  not for everyone anyway. People will push you down and you’ll push yourself down too but you need to see things for what they are. You will always be you and no fake nose or false personality is going to change you because at the end of the dsy if you don’t like yourself how can anyone else like you, the real you.

So hold your head up high, keep your shoulders back, breath look in that mirror and tell yourself that you love you. Approve of yourself and embrace you and everything that comes along with you, be it your long list of exes, your unruly hair, your super long legs or the sound if your own voice.

You can only be you and those who don’t agree or criticise you and who you are, don’t deserve your time.

So wear you confidence like a beautiful new designer pair of shoes and be you, because only you can.

Talk soon,
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*Eleven days until Christmas*

Dash x


One comment

  1. Imran Ali · January 9, 2016

    Having self-respect is the most beautiful quality a woman can possess.

    You should be able to admire someone’s beauty without questioning your own.

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