Easy ways to make you’re winter wardrobe fab… (Tips on how to layer.)

With the winter season in full swing, I’m sure you’re layered up with jackets, jumpers and cardigans (but still freezing.) trying to fight off the artic style weather out there.

So, as you pile on item after item to keep warm, it can be difficult to keep cute and trendy. That’s why having a bunch of outfits that you can mix and match is really important during the winter. This way you  never have to be in fear of looking last season in the hopes of keeping toasty.

1. Keeping you’re colours minimal and interchangeable…

For winter burgundies, navys, white, black and grey are all really pretty together. (To me anyway.)

For mixing and matching to work well it’s best to have maybe five or six cute colours that work really good together, it makes it easier to blend them.

2. Have one or two styles that really suit you.

When buying clothes for winter, it’s good to know what suits you and stick to your favourite styles. (Not saying that you can’t experiment and have some fun though.) It makes them easier to layer and interchange, also it ensures that half way through winter you won’t tire of them and feel like you’ve got nothing to wear. (I think we’ve all been there.)

3. Shoe decisions…

When it comes to shoes we can all agree that we probably have more than we need or well have a bunch that we don’t even know why we bought. So for winter make sure you’ve got shoes that suit you and your style but also can be worn with more than just one outfit.

Boots are always a winter staple, so whether your a funky vintage girl rocking some cute sturdy Doc martins with a little dress, a rocker styling your cool outfit with some gorgeous knee highs or just playing it casual with some ankle boots, make sure you’ve a pair hidden in that wardrobe of yours boots, especially blacks ones are really easy to mix and match with jeans, dresses, skorts or skirts they just can’t seem to do much wrong really.

Finally to look good, you’ve got to feel good and if you love what you wear you will! (Unless you’re suffering from a cold, in which case go back to your bed watch some sappy movies and munch on some selection box chocolate.

Talk later,

♥ Twelve days to go ♥

Dash x


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