Outrageous Christmas jumpers!

Whether you love it or loathe it you can’t deine that Christmas is well and truly here. In my opinion, you really can’t get through the festive season without wearing or buying an over the top Christmas jumper, it would be a complete crime if you did.

Every year Penneys (Primark.)  seems to up its game when it comes to its wonderful festive knit wear, this year being no exception.
They’ve got jumpers for everyone from low key classics, to over the top jumpers with baubles and flashing lights and even ones with Christmas. Having seen them all in person I’d have to say these are my favourite, they’ll get you into the Christmas spirit and have you laughing at how ridiculous you look, though some of the low key ones could actually be incorporated into everyday winter outfits. (all from €16-€22.)

First up I’ve got these crazy over-the-top jumper


These all light up, how cute is that!


These ones have lovely little baubles and 3D scarves, on the snowman and wings in the penguin, verry Christmas-y!


These are classic Christmas jumpers that, I think could be more easily worn with an everyday outfit, but still add that dash of Christmas cheer. ♥ These are great for those of you who aren’t to in to the giant look at me, center of attention style jumpers.


This last one is from their Christmas movie quote section and I just love it. Sure, who doesn’t love a good Christmas film?

(All of these jumpers and many more can be brought instore or online at Penneys (Primark.) ) 

Talk soon,

Spreading Christmas, beauty/fashion cheer all the way up till Christmas.

Dash x


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