Christmas count down!

Hey guys! Join me in my count down to Christmas! Yes, it’s only 18 days away till the man in the red suit comes to town and to celebrate and keep your eager Christmas spirits alive I’ll be blogging daily from the twelfth up until Christmas, with tons of lovely fashionable and trendy Christmas topics.


So the count down has begun and finally, we’re allowed to sing Christmas songs again.

So whether your a Christmas fanatic or just looking forward to the lyins and yummy food the festive season brings, you must count down in style with these fabulous advant calenders, that will surely have you feeling the Christmas spirit.

Now as I am a make-up and beauty fanatic, I thought I couldn’t pass by the opportunity to share these lovely beauty advent calendar that may just have you ditching your traditional chocolate calendar for these fab little wonders.

Okay, so first off we’ve got the Benefit Candy-coated countdown Christmas advent calendar. It’s just gorgeous! Marked down from €90, which is so far out of my budget that it’s not even remotely funny to a lovely €60, okay so I’m not going to lie it’s still, price-y but hey if you can afford it and you love to treat yourself, this is a must.

This lovely calender has 24 fab gifts full of best sellers and little surprises (valued at around €100.) Including samples of lip gloss, the porefessional, cheek and lip tint, BADgirl mascara, foundation, moisturiser, eye cream, hair clips, hair ties (fancy ones.) and a cute doodle pad.

Next up, we’ve got the no.7’s beauty calender, this one is absolutely great, as both a little self gift or an early Christmas gift! It fully of all the staples and essentials for anybodies beauty bag and regime.

The gifts range from skin care to cosmetics, bathing bits, and accessories with six of the gifts being full sized products all together worth around €150 and only costing €40. Yes. I really like this one!


Now, I’m not as a big fan of this one but people are raving about it and we all know of the mad love we’ve got for nail art!

Avon brought out the 12 day nail gift advent with a rainbow of shades and top coat effects from around the €60 mark.


Finally we’ve got the lush calender and who doesn’t love a little bitta lush?

It, like all the others is sorta price-y, but well worth it. It’s fully of loads of lush scented gifts and treats!

(all of these can be picked up from their respective stores, outlets and online.)

Talk soon, I’ve got tons of Christmas-y posts for all your Xmas needs on the horizon so watch this space ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Dash x


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