♥ Outfit of today ♥

Hey guys,

Morning, Je suis en solidarité avec tous les français. #prayforparis #prayforfrance

So for this morning I thought I’d show you my outfit for today, just something simple and comfortable but still cute, as I’m doing some major studying today but I’m not much of a fan of tracksuits. I just think that when you look good and feel good you’re more motivated and more likely to get things done.

I’ve put together this little outfit. A pair of black legging, a fitted black strappy tee-shirt and a lovely, comfy, cozy jumper from zara, (mention before, back in my September haul.) and some fluffy socks haha 😂 but some little Timberlands or black military style boots would look way better! Oh and I topped it off with my cute drop necklace silver key with diamantés. Just to add a touch of something one. ♥

That’s it for now,
But I’ll have a way longer post up later for you liner lover will l surely adore.


Dash x


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