Hey guys, Dash here!

So, I’ve used a lot of eye liner in my lifetime, especially when I went through cringe worthy emo phase. (nothing wrong with emo it’s just that I made a a lot of horrendous fashion mistakes during that time…)

Eyeliner can be classic, cool, fresh make your eyes pop give a natural look that bit of ‘pa-zazz’ you know you’re looking for. We can nearly all say that we love our eyeliner, whether it be liquid, gel, pencil or whatever it is you use. We can also say that we’ve all messed up a good bit in our quest for fabulous eyeliner,  personally I’ll always get one eye perfect and second one will look god awful, every single time I swear… (I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.)

That’s why I thought I’d show you some tips and tricks to some of the most used eyeliner trends and some of what I think are the best eyeliner products. ♥

So basically anything from urban decay works really well, they can be pretty alright in price too, also quite easy to hold, as a lot of handles and brushes are really awkward to use or they’re just too short or clunky.

Personally, I prefer their liquid eyeliner as once it dries it’s a lot harder to smudge, when using pencil I find having to keep pairing it with a pencil pairer drives me made.

♥ ♥ tips and tricks ♥ ♥

Now, when it comes to my beauty products I’m always running and I’m also always broke.. Yeah not a great combo.

If I run out of liquid eyeliner, firstly I cry. (not kidding.) then I’ll do one of two things.

1.) I’ll grab my eyeliner pencil and heat the pencil top up with a hair dryer. (make sure it’s really sharp.) and then wait for it to cool a little. Now you’ve go a some liquid eyeliner!

Or if I’m out of pencil too. (cries.) I’ll grab some eye shadow, a slanted eye brush, and some vasaline or just some clear lip balm. Dab the brush in the lip balm and then brush it in the eye shadow and now you’ve got some cool mock liquid eyeliner.

Now for some lovely tricks. I’m basically a mess when it come to make-up, I’ve spilled eyeliner, dropped pallets of eyeshadow and smudged red lip stick on my forehead more than once .. Yeah I’m that bad, so whenever I can I love to pick up some tricks and loop holes for doing my makeup.

1. When trying to get that perfect feline wing, slant some sellotape from the corner of your eye outwards. Then when you’ve drawn it up beside the slanted tape at your eye, peel it away and you’ll have a perfectly straight line!

2. If lining your top lid troubles you grab an eye lash curler and a pencil and draw along the curve or the curler. Then curl your lashestand it’ll line your top lid.

3. If you don’t have an eyelash curler, draw some little dots along your top lid and then connect your dots. This should make it more even, the just trace the line and hay-presto you’ve got lined eyes…

Chat soon,

Dash x


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