Knit ware! (yes, I sound like a granny…)

  1. Hey guys,

Happy November!, I’ve started singing Christmas songs already.. Seven Mondays till santa arrives ahhhhh, the excitement is killing me.

But anyways, something I obsess over majorly during the winter time is knit ware! It’s great for layering (something that always works for the autumn/winter season), keeping super comfy, cozy and looking great.

Especially when it comes to chunky knit ware, you just can’t go wrong. Great pieces that you can easily incorporate into you wardrobe are wrap-around or snood knit scarves, little knitted hats (though they can give you dreadful hat hair..) and oversized chunky knit or crochet cardigans.

These few pieces alone can really shake up your closet and mix and match really easily straight through from your casual dresses to your jeans and tee-shirts.  To me they really just dress things up that little bit.

Knit ware is always a key thing when layering anyway, so what’s not to love? Over or under a jacket, kniit ware on knit ware or dotting it throughout your outfit, (with gloves, scarves, hats or hair ties,) can all look really cool. And if you’re that little bit more enthusiastic or confident when it comes to your style I always think a cute pair of leg warmers can look gorgeous!, even if you’re not the girliest girl out there they can look really nice. I’m not sure, but they’re just a must for me…

The chunky cardis are definitely something I’d think about grabbing, they never really go out of style for the colder seasons and they cut out the need for a huge coat all the time, layering it with say a little denim jacket and a scarf or a pair of gloves and your good to go. It just breaks up all that coat wearing and gives you that bit more diversity to you outfits, especially when (if you’re anything like me and are constantly broke…) you don’t have that many coats and feel like wearing something that little bit different every once and a while.

I’m not sure, but I just get this really cute sort of rustic chic feel when I ware layered knit ware…

Anyway I hope you’re enjoy the knit ware season,

Talk soon,

Like? Comment? (I love hearing all you’re thoughts!, so don’t be a silent reader, let’s get chatting!)

Dash x


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