Prints and colours for this Autumn/Winter

Hey guys,

Here’s a little bit of a trend guide for Autumn and Winter colours and styles.


For autumn and winter I’m not usually big on prints or patterns I prefer to focus more on colours and layering, though I do have mad love for plaid and tweed. So flannels and little checkered skirts. Though not in the same outfit obviously. They’re really cute! Other than that for winter especially, lace is always in.


Colours for Autumn/Winter are pretty easy to work with considering they nearly all co-ordinate with each other, burgundy, berry colours and black, grey, mocha browns, navy, cream, white, blues, khaki greens, mustard and different shades of purple all work really well during the colder months of the year! Oh and red is a must for Christmas, as always.

Nearly all these colours can be layered really well together and work great whether they’re used in makeup, nail polish or clothes.

Co-ordinating colours:

Mustard (that deep yellowish colour.) works great with Khaki.

Purples and creams and white and navy blues are lovely together.

Red and black.

Berry colours, burgundy, white and black.

Browns. (best in an outfit on boots.)

Baby blue with deep blues and navy.

Grey with light pinks. ( and maybe some black.)

♥ Well there’s my style guide of colours and prints for you guys ♥

Hope it’s inspired you a little, to maybe go out and buy some new clothes or add some new colours to your wardrobe. (Do you even need inspiration to do that?)

Dash x



  1. stealsomestyle · November 7, 2015

    ooh such pretty colours xo

    Liked by 1 person

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