🎃 Simple and Quick Halloween makeup 💄

Hey guys!

Okay,  so as the witching hour fast approaches, I thought I’d show you some quick little make-up looks that you can make with basically just an eyeliner pencil!

1. Skeleton look:
If you have it you can always brush white eye shadow or foundation onto your face, if you have it, before hand. But either way it looks great!


Outline your eye sockets with your favorite black liquid eyeliner. It always looks better if it’s just that little bit un even, well to me anyway.

Fill in you circles.


Draw an M like shape at the center of the nose. The colour in the part of the nose from the M to the end of the nose.


Draw little vertical lines over your lips. Then draw a slightly slanted line from the corners of your lips and draw some extra vertical lines, as many as you need.

And there you have it! A face fit for a fabulously scary Skeleton!

If you want you can always contour m with some black eyeshadow for more defiition, if you’re feeling more adventurous!

2. The classic black cat… meow…

Grab you eye liner pencil or liquid liner and your ready to go!

Draw some feline style eye liner on your eyes, the bigger the better. Make sure your flicks come to a really defined point, for that cat effect. ♥

Draw a simple up side down lover heart on the bottom of your nose and colour it in.

Then draw out three lines on your cheeks one straight out from the middle, then on slanted up and one slanted downwards.

There you gave it! A fast, simple and cute Halloween look!

This can easily be turned into a cute mouse by replaces the whiskers with three little dots ( in a triangle 🔺 shape .)

3. Looking for a more unusual look.

Then maybe try this mascarade look out for size!

You’ll need a piece of lace and eyeliner.

Take the piece of lace to your face and draw over it with your eye liner. The laces design will come through in black in your face, it looks really cool! Do it where ever in your face you want, whether it be over your eyes,(like a mask.),your forehead or just random bits of your face and it’ll look fabulous

Dash x


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