An extra fabulous jam pacted nail post…

Hey guys,

I absolutely LOVE painting my nails, I love all the colours and the glitter, I swear I even love that nail polish smell! So I’m bringing you my top Autumn nail colours because no matter how many fancy things you stick onto those nails of yours the most important thing about the design, whether it’s way out there complicated or really simple has to be the basic colour you paint on them.




2.Natural nude pale pink…


3.Cool baby blues…


4. Basically all the nude colours…


5. Navy blue…


6. Deep burgundy..


Now during a post like this I’d usually add in reds and colours along those lines but right now these are the ones that honestly stand out the most for me, you’ve got statement colours in your life darker blues and purples and burgundies and you’ve got some nakeds and even some little pastels all for a more relaxed or natual look. I guess I’m still waiting for those coke cola Christmas ads to start before I start my obsession with a things red and white and glittery. But for a pre-winter fix these are great!


Now for all you who are like me and are either really impatient and never wait for your nails to be dry before you go about your daily life (and end up smudging and making a hopeless mess of those gorgeous nails of yours. I feel your pain.) or just can’t get your head around all those trick patterns and homemade stencils, then have I got something you’ll love!

Nail stickers! I personally love these guys, now I know there’s glue on nails, but sometimes I just find the glue either wrecks my nails or they all end up failing off! With nail stickers you really don’t have that problem, you also don’t have to worry about gluing the wrong size nail on because alot of the time if they’re to big, once you press them down you can just pull of any excess sticker really easily.

Sometimes when people hear of nail stickers they might think if a product for little girls or some paper-y, stick-y thing that’s honestly just going to cause a mess. But they’re actually more of a soft plastic type texture, which makes them really easy to apply, you also don’t have to worry about any nasty glue because you just peal off the back and pop them on and as you can imagine this means some pretty nail art can be achievable in no time at all, leaving you with loads more time, which is a God sent especially if you’re like me and you’re nearly always half an hour late to every party, event or shopping trip, you plan to go on(sorry to all my friends and family members out there, haha.)

But back to the nails, these guys make it really easy to have some very intricate details or designs without having to sit for hours on YouTube watch hundreds of tutorials or buying about seven hundred different nail polishes, stencils and extra bits and bobs that you’ve not a clue how to use.

You can find nail stickers in loads of palaces like Penneys (Primark.), any proper nail store really and there’s loads if online shops too! Like…

And here’s some little bits of inspiration…




Yes I think it’s obvious I’m very sold on these lovely little stickers 💅 ♥.

Dash x


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