Magic mousse!

Hey guys,

I simply love mousse and as it seems be coming back into fashion at the moment, I thought I’d give you a mini guide to it.

 1. ♥ First off let’s figure out how to use the stuff…♥

Grab your can or bottle pop it upside down and give it a good sake. Squirt it into the palm of your hard, about the size of a golf ball. Put your hands lightly together and distribute evenly through damp hair. I’ll usually start at the top of my hair and work towards the bottom.

2. ♥  What hair types can use it? ♥

All, actually! Depending on the type of mousse you buy. Volume mousse will give fine hair body. Styling mousse will give thicker or curly hair better support for hair styles.

   3. ♥ Brands? ♥

Personally I swear  by 5VO. It’s not too expensive either. But other brands like pantene and tresesme are supposed to be great too.



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