Coffee infusion!


Like many of you I’m sure, are a major coffee addict, lattes, frappuccino, cappuccinos, coffee in general I honestly can’t live without, but whither you love it or (gasp!) hate the stuff this next post is more than likely going to interest you.

American Eagle have developed some of their new jeans from ground coffee beans! (Don’t worry though, they don’t actually smell like coffee beans.)

Now before you label this as some weird new hipster trend, well okay maybe it sort of is but it’s got some pretty good uses to them…

The coffee has these cool deodorizing powers which will keep your jeans fresher for way longer, they also protect you from the sun’s UV rays, being the little bit of the nerd that I am I find this really cool.


Here’s the link below, if you’re interested.

Dash x


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