Let’s talk trends…

Hey guys,

So today I just thought I’d talk about something a little different, but don’t worry because as you can see from the title it’s still fashion related.

It seems to me, that now more than ever people are really, really in tune with their trends and their favourite trends setters, and there really isn’t anything wrong with that I mean, if I see Taylor Swift put wearing a pretty poor of shoes, I’m probably going to want her shoes, (because her fashion sense is near flawless but there’s a fine line between buying something because it’s in and you like it and buying it because you like it due to the fact that it’s in. Now there isn’t anything wrong with liking something because it’s in style, a lot of the time many of us wouldn’t have even noticed a certain piece of clothing until it’s thrust at us by the media, all I’m saying is use a little bit of initiative, think some for yourself and as cheese-y as it may sound try be the trend setter every now and again rather than the robot following every trend around for miles.

♥ Here’s just a few do’s and don’ts to do with trends ♥…

Do! Follow some trends, have a peep in a magazine or a fashion program or a blog *wink, wink*… Keep in the loop in what going on in the fashion world, just because you should be a slave to trends doesn’t mean you need to go all hipster on yourself.

Don’t! Wear something that’s in, if you don’t like or feel comfortable wearing it, nothing stands out more than someone who obviously isn’t comfortable in what they’re wearing. If it isn’t what you like, then it isn’t what you like, you won’t suddenly become a fashion reject for not think jelly sandals are cool.
(I cringe.)

Don’t! Wear what doesn’t suit you, as an individual. Just because Kim kardashian can walk around in some low cut skin tight dress, doesn’t mean you should. In the same way there’s probably loads of things you can pull off that Kim can’t and how great does that feel? Sit and think about that for a second. Kim kardashian can’t pull of that one dress sitting in my wardrobe as well as me. Now does that feel empowering or what? Anyway, I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I can’t wear low cut anything, being as flat chested as I am, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t loads of different types of pretty necklines I can wear, for me halter necks are great, and visa versa many girls with bigger chests just can’t pull them off. Knowing what works for your body type is key when trying to recreate or pull off the latest trends.

Do! Be creative, like I said before, every now and again it can be fun to be the trend setter. fashion is all about creativity and innovation, so get out there and be cute, confident and comfortable. It’s a hit or miss situation, but it can be fun and who knows, maybe some day you’ll be the one creating all the latest trends.

Trends can be great, but so can your own ideas, just remember that the next time you end up on some sneaky shopping spree, that you know you probably can’t afford.

Talk soon

Dash x


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