Autumnal hair

Hey guys,


New hairstyle for you today! Now before you go on and say it, I know, I know, I knowwww the whole beachy waves thing was a very bit iconic bit of last summer, but these crumpled curls are gorgeous and look really well with your autumn attire.
Some people don’t see it but putting a little bit more effort into your hair can really make a HUGE difference to your outfit. Whether it be a casual pairing jeans with a t-shirt, a fancy dress or a pair of trackies fit only for your evenings spent binge watching Netflix!

This style thus ideal for Autumn,  when your hair is being blown all over the place (we can’t all have fabulous windswept hair when the breeze blows our way..) The way these crumple waves look, it won’t really matter if they’re blown left and right.

first off all you’re going to need is mouse,  personally I swear by V05 it’s cheap enough too!, towel dried hair and a hairdryer with a defuser attachment.

Take your hair and run the mouse through all of it, throughly. (Don’t rub into your scalp though.)

Now section your hair out.

After this take your hairdryer and the defuser attachment, that from what I’ve seen usually comes with most  good hairdryers. Get the very bottom of your hair and place the hairdryer blow and dry. From here turn the dryer right way up and dry the length of your hair using a swirling motion, once you get to the top of your roots, keep the hairdryer directly above the roots and move it around in the same swirling motion as before.

Repeat this for each section of your hair, until dry and if need be add a little bit more mouse to your hands and scrunch up any bits of hair that you want that little bit more shape to and there you have it.

A fabulous hair style fit for Autumn weather.

Here’s how mine turned out…


Hope this will have inspired you in the hair department,

Dash x


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