Autumn haul!

Hey guys,

You know what the greatest thing about Autumn is? You can feel so comfy, cozy and still look really well put together! I’m Pretty sure that’s the main thing that fueled my latest haul.


So yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping spree,  I tried to not get too carried away… But with all the pretty jeans and jumpers it was hard to hold myself back… Here’s what I got, hopefully it’ll give you a little bit about of autumnal inspiration, I tried to go for more laid back looks that would sort of mix and match, because the more things you have that coordinate, the easier it is to find things to wear I suppose.

This is a really casual look, with some really autumn-y colours.

I got the sweat shirt in pennys (primark) they have a huge range of cozy sweat shirts to choose from. They literally have tones! And they’re all really cheap! This one was €8, sweat shirts are a really handy thing for Autumn/winter, they can take you from an early morning jog to coffee with the girl! (yeah maybe not no the same day, sweat isn’t a good look..)

I’ve paired it with some black leggings, yeah leggings… Now I know they get a bit of a bad rep sometimes but if you team them with the right stuff, you can look really good! I find that leggings are awkward at times, but as long as you get a a thicker more structured material, that’s a little bit stretchy you should be good to go. Now I’m not sure if this is just me but I’ve got one major pet hate with legging the bit above you thighs, you know that bit? Yeah I just think it’s sorta awkward to look at, that’s why I teamed the swst shirt with a long green top underneath


So this really comfortable, (oh I’ve said that word a lot haven’t I?… But there isn’t really a better adjective to describe it.)

A pennys best T-shirt at 8 that feels super soft and has cute little diamonds on the end. the cuts at the sides and the hem lie is curved, making it sit nicely just on top of the jeans.


So, this look like most of my Autumn wardrobe tends to lean towards comfort, (Don’t let the jeans fool you they’re super comfy.)

The jeans, from Stradivarius, a shop I only found recently but I’ve fallen head over heels for it, ( were 19 (really good value for jeans this well made.) I think really give the outfit a nicer look than just some trackies you know? And the little rips give a nod to the bit of grunge-y, rocker style that’s floating around, particularly in pennys (Primark.).

The chunky knit cardi, which is always an Autumn must is from Bershka (a shop I would literally own if I could, it’ gives off such a European feel, that I absolutely LOVE.) The cardi was 15. It’s layerable, wearable and very comfy cozy.

The boots I’ve mentioned in  an older post, (From pennys.) they have a bit of a military, slightly grungey look, which is really in.

The crop top, only five, it’s a simple top, that I picked up in pennys. This type of thing is really handy to have, they go under anything and trying to think of a colour that doesn’t go with grey is really difficult. I was actually thinking of buying a little sheer collared shirt to go under it. (Taking a page out of Cher from Clueless’ book.)


This is by far my favourite outfit, out of them all. It’s casual and cool, keeps you cozy and comfortable, I adore it. The jumpers from Zara and it’s very Autumn-y. The green-y colour ran through with hints of yellow always makes me feel very Autumnal, the jumpers fine knit and so warm and at 15, I couldn’t really go wrong.

The simple T-shirt from Bershka was only 7, The little black glitter gives it that bit of sparkle for all of my magpies out there and it’s very mix-y, match-y. Under the little jumper , peeping out over the neckline and going down past the end of it, make the outfit look more thought out and makes it more interesting.

With the same jeans and boots from up above.

Hopefully this post may have inspired your Autumnal wardrobe  or in the very least has made you feel the need to head out on a bit of a shopping spree, or more commonly a window shopping day, (I can’t be the only one who does that right…)

Dash x


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