Eye shadow lover!

Hey guys,

I, like most of you out there, am a complete make-up addict.

Whether it’s a new make-up technique, a fancy new mascara or an up and coming brand taking the make-up world by storm, I’ll want to know about it stat.

But today I wanna talk about something a little bit more relaxed than any of that. I wanna talk to you about eye shadows their huge amount of uses and pallets that work for everyone.

There are some really great eyeshadow pallets like the urban decay naked pallets, they work amazingly and have really lovely colours. But if you’re like me and no where near made of money, then there are some cheaper alternatives to these naked eye shadow palettes. Anything from clinique, works fabulously, there also way cheaper, coming in commonly at in and around a fiver .

The absolute range:

The absolute matt from clinique.


With colours like these especially, there are multiple uses with whites and pale peach-y colours used as under eye high lighters and tones like the ones on the far right being used for sweet contouring dark alternatives to black eye liner and eyebrow definition or filler, which can be very flattelering and very natural, ( a plus coming into autumn when natural make-up can be very cute.)

The absolute rose 🌹


These colours are exactly what you’d think, sweet and rose-y and really girly.

Similarly to the absolute Matt, the absolute rose has those gorgeous brown and dark colours that are lovely for contouriling, eyebrows and eyeliner.

But also with the rose pallet you can give a really nice light and natural blush!

Bye, This is such a short post sorry for the late and very very Very delayed updates, I’m still only getting used to My new classes and courses and new work and exam results, but I’m finally back on track and I’ll be updating regularly again!

Dash x


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