Birthday bracelet!

Hey guys,
So it was my birthday the other day, and just look at the gorgeous gift that I got!




It’s a hipanema bracelet!

For those of you who don’t already know, Hipanema is a store that sell Jewllery and clothes from Brazil! In true hipanema style this bracelet mixes some very different bracelets style all in the one bracelet, and even though you might say that could be a little risky, they do it so well. With my bracelet having a classy, chunky rose gold clasp with hipanema engraved across it, a furry leopard print band, a shimmery hot pink plastic band and a thicker band threaded with elegant beads of pink, peaches and gold

In particular I’m a big fan of their jewellery, it’s all really fresh, unique and fun. With all their different colours textures,, patterns prints and styles, you’d be mad not to check them out! M these bracelets seem to mix together metals and furs, beads and plastics to make some really pretty pieces They really do have something for everybody.
Go have a look some of the stuff it just lovely with a real European feel them.

Dash x


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