My Autumn must haves…


So as Autumn is extremely close I thought I’d share with you guys a couple of staple wardrobe pieces I can’t get through the cozy, leafy season without…

  1. A  pair of jeans…

A cute pair of jeans is always a must, and definitely  during Autumn they tend to be really popular, because let’s face it jeans go with near anything! Yeah, I know flared jeans are really in this season but.. I just can’t bring myself to even try and wear them, I’m a skinny jeans kind of girl. Denim jeans are always great and I love them but just because it’s not summer anymore it doesn’t mean you can’t have colour, and colourful jeans always a great way to go. Plums, burgundy, blacks, white, red and khaki greens are all lovely colours for the season.

I always find going jeans shopping is always a nightmare, and this is coming from the obsessive shopaholic. It’s always just so difficult to find a pair that

A.) You like.

B.) Suit you.

C) Fit you.

D.) Aren’t crazy majorly expensive.

I’ve got five good shops that can help solve these problems though! Diseal and H&M are both great places for denim jeans. Jeans are one of the main things Diseal sell so it’s no surprise that they’re so good and more often than not everything H&M sell is good enough in quality. The only problem I see is they can add up to be pretty expensive…

Forever twenty one and New look are shops that sell some jeans for just that little bit cheaper and the quality of them can still be great.They also both stock some really fabulous colours. Penneys or Primark is last on my list. They sell cute, jeans (Denim and coloured) and they’re super cheap but their durability is only so-so , they also lose their shape really easily.

2. A really cute hat…

Unlike a lot of the things I tend to buy when I go on a seasonal shopping spree this one is pretty logical.. A hat can really make an outfit and as I tend to wear my hair in braids during the colder months I like to go for beanies and woolly hats with bobbles because they always go great with little plaits.(I’m a sucker for things made of wool.)
3. Many, many, many pairs of tights…

Tights are always high on my  list of things to get for Autumn. With Penneys’ (Primark’s) huge variety of prints, patterns and colours you really can be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a cute pair. (They’re also super cheap with most single packets coming in at 1.50.) Since I’m a real girly girl I’m constantly wearing dresses and skirts, I wear a lot  of tights during the Autumn and new pair of tights can really help breath some life into a slightly older dress.

4. A pair of boots….

Boots are just a complete and utter staple for Autumn, they go with everything. Just picture a cute Autumn-y outfit and then add a pair of boots, ankle or knee high it really doesn’t matter what, more than likely the shoes match the outfit, right?. Besides that,  they’re comfy and keep the rain well away from your feet. I don’t really have a specific place I shop for shoes (I’m still looking for that one store that has everything.) But New look seem to have a huge shoe section that I just love and their boots are gorgeous!
5. A cute backpack…

Okay, yeah backpacks are a love of mine and I know that not everybody loves them, but you can honestly get some really cute and chic looking bags, not just ones that look like school bags, although loads of those look great too. There’s a lot of leather, gold or silver embellishment, cute straps, buckles and fringing going on at the moment. Anyway I always have one of these on my to get wish lists because I carry way more stuff around with me during Autumn than I ever do in summer and it’s just easier than cramming it all into a handbag, yet still fashionable.
6. A comfy, cozy coat.

Coats are always a major thing for Autumn, because it’ll usually be the first season of the year that you’ll need one. H&M or New look are places I always find great looking coats in. Macs are always good this time of year. Furry hoods, cute pull in belts and patches or sewed on badges are really cute too.
7. A comfy cardy (cardigan) or jumper.

I’m a definite believer in dressing to what suits the weather, but still dressing gorgeously, a great way to do this is by wearing chunky knit wear. This stuff is always in for Autumn and keeps you warm and toastie. It’s great for layering which is also in for the season.
8. A gorgeous skirt…

Right, so I’m not quite sure if this is an essential must have or if I just really want one… (Skirts are addictive…) But H&M have some lovely skirts on offer that are to die for, but they are really cute and give a bit of change to your wardrobe, with a season made for jeans, skirts are a good way to style things up.

Dash x


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