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So, I haven’t posted in two days? Oops.. yeah sorry.. I was binge watching “The Vampire Diaries”, no judging, I’m partly addicted.. But anyways, I was talking to a friend of mine about shopping ( the obsession with it is real when you start talking about it 24/7…) and she was sent me this:


It got me thinking, I immediately thought she was wrong, I mean it can’t be too hard to make one dress look different, it should be easy enough to dress up a dress for both warmer and colder months of the year. So, I thought I’d post some tips on different dresses and how to change the way they look using accessories, jackets and stuff. (Because let’s face it, we don’t all have amazing sewing skills, or have the heart to take a scissors to something we’ve bought.

1. Body cons.

Daytime: Autumn/Winter, casual.

Everybody know that body cons are more likely to be worn on at night, maybe going to a party or something right? But with the right accessories it could easily worn on a cold-ish Autumn/Winters day.

Teaming it with comfortable and cozy woollies can look really nice and daytime friendly? (I think that’s a thing..?) Beanies, chunky jumpers, woolly cardigans, matching tights and some ankle boots converse or near knee high boots, you can change the look completely. (It can even giving the illusion that you’re wearing a pencil skirt.)


2. Shirt dresses. (Yay.)

Staple… Staple… Staple… Staple, these dresses are just so good to have in you wardrobe because the possibilities are absolutely endless. Though the dress wouldn’t pass for very dressy, they can be a bit more than just casual.

Daytime: Autumn/Winter, Casual.

The dress can be worn casually in so many different ways.

  • Paired with some jeans, boots (knee-highs look pretty good.) with the top of the shirt dress a little bit unbuttoned, and a chunky belt wrapped around the waist.
  • Layered with a chunky knit jumper (the collar and ends of the shirt sticking out over the shirt.) jeans, boots or converse, these all look great together.
  • The dress shirt half-way open with a camisole under, again paired with some jeans.

Day or night time: Not as casual  as the other styles of itbut not dressy either?

  • Tuck the shirt into a skirt, A-line or mini (This give more shape to the outfit and looks great.) Put with some tights, heals and a statement necklace under the collar. (maybe a big hand bag too.)

3. A slip dress.  (These are cute.)

Slip dresses are, like the body con more often than not worn at night, maybe on a night out somewhere but again like the other dresses with the right accessories can be very daytime-y.

  • Tights with heels or boots would look great with the slip dress and add a flannel shirt, if you can play around with come beanies or a cute fedora? That could look pretty cute and a big handbag would fit in perfectly.
  • If you’re more into a cozy look then simply throw on a big jumper a statement necklace some tights and pumps or heels and you’re good to go.

Talk soon,

Dash x


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