Charming Layered Charm bracelets


Hey again,

I’ve always had mad love for charm bracelets and their cute little charms even more so coming into the colder months of the year, when we do tend to wear that bit more jewellery., well I know I do anyway.

Alex and Ani bracelets in particular are just gorgeous, with so many lovely little charms with place names, flowers, ice skates, snow flakes, zodiac signs, birth stones and so much more to choose from. They can bring a really personal touch to your outfit.

This summer there was a load of bracelet layering, coming mainly from the whole boho chic trend. But now that summers coming to an end and we’re stuck in that transitional time with Autumn on the horizon you may be thinking your fun, beach-y or wild girl style charm bracelet layering has to come to an end too but you’d be wrong!

Bigger statement style pieces are always in for Autumn winter and though one charm bracelet alone might not be much of a statement, layering them up can look just lovely, with the Alex and ani bracelets mainly coming in bronzes, silvers and golds they’ll fit right it with your Autumn/ Winter colour scheme.

Though with the piece ranging in and around the €25 mark for only one, the price can rack up pretty quickly and let’s face it we’re not all made of money.. (namely me.)

Luckily though there are, well I wouldn’t call them knock off’s more so remakes if the bracelets from all sorts of Jewllers, that last and cab endure just as much for, from what I’ve seen a much lower price. (around the €10-ish mark)

These pretty much go with anything from jeans to skater dresses.

These bracelets are really staple pieces of jewellery that really never go out of style.

Talk soon,

Dash x


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