How I style Docs…


So, I love shoes, actually I’ve got a border line obsession with them. In particular I really have a thing for Doc’s, (Doc martens.) (Which are great for Autumn and all the way through to winter.) but loads of people won’t wear them because they just don’t think they look good or wearable. But I’m here to prove you so wrong, with a couple of perfect ways and some cool tricks to style an outfit around Doc’s.

∼ Some tips ∼

1.  Don’t be afraid of them because they’re chunky and clunky, that’s just part of their quirky charm.

2. You can wear them anytime! Summer (though not when it’s scorching been there done that not fun…) Spring (pastels are always good.), Autumn/Winter (they’re perfect for any awful weather thrown your way and are really cozy.)

3. No matter your shoe size they look great.

4. Doc can soooo be worn with chic, stylish and girly outfits. Some people have the idea that they can’t because they’re clunky and maybe a bit grunge but that’s really not true.

∼ Outfits that always work ∼

Denim (any colour.) shorts with or without tights (either way it’s a really great look.): This can be a really casual  and cool look that Doc’s look perfect with, it’s also always all over tumblr…


Skater skirts: Skater skirts just look gorgeous, they’re swish-y and sway-y and they give a bit of a feminine touch to something big and clunky. So if your worried about losing your femininity with a Doc’s styled outfit, well I got you covered.


Long jersey shirts: These look great with Docs,  I think they’ve got a bit of a boyish, tough girl look about them and throw on some some chunky chains, a flannel tied around the waist or a leather jacket maybe? and your good to go.




Skater skirt dresses: Like the skater skirt these dresses look really girly even with a pair of Doc’s. They can still look really dressy and chic though with elegant jewellery or very street styled with a beanie, layered jewellery and a dark pair of tights.



Messing around with Doc’s can be really fun as there’s literally a limitless amount of cute patterns, florals and colours. Yes, we really are spoiled for choice when it comes to the fabulous pair of boots. After seeing just a couple of the many, many ways that I love to wear my Doc’s, I hope I’ve converted you into wearing them or even just gave you a couple more ideas to work them into your wardrobe.

Talk soon,

Dash x



  1. graciellen · August 21, 2015

    Lovely post, you may have convinced me to buy myself a pair of DMs haha, although I doubt I could afford them! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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