∼ My weekly style icon! ∼ Taylor Swift.

My style icon for this week has to be Taylor Swift, no surprise really because of how much I love her music, but her style is gorgeous as well!

From humble style beginnings full of questionable cowgirl boots and sparkle-y eye shadows, Taylor’s style and fashion sense has grown and grown.

Since her Album “Red” I gained interest in her fashion sense and I fell in-love with it after the release of her “1989: Album.

She chooses different styles from all sorts of eras, vintage pieces and cute feminine things and wear them all so well.

wpid-20150820_174654.jpg Her chic look.

wpid-20150820_174611.jpg casual boyfriend look.

wpid-20150820_174705.jpgHer preppy, new york look.

wpid-20150820_174727.jpg Her Vintage 90’s look.

wpid-20150820_174625.jpgAnother gorgeous preppy outfit.

She rocks looks that aren’t always designer, which is always great to see a celebrity doing. (Just because somethings designer doesn’t mean it looks good.) Because of this you can easily steal “Shake it up” singer’s style, using sites like Polyvore (just search for affordable Taylor Swift look by Mukewasowski, it’s great.)


Taylor know what suits her, but is never afraid to throw new things into the mix, which is something I follow religiously. If you never try knew things, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty then you’ll never really figure out what things suit you and getting stuck in a rut is the last thing anyone wants.

♥ Beauty ♥

When it comes to make-up Taylor is always on point. So I know the first thing to come to mind when I think of Taylor’s make-up would be her classic and iconic red lip. Though this is Taylor Staple it isn’t the only thin we can talk about when it comes to her make-up. Taylor mainly keeps her make-up natural and minimal at best. She let’s her natural beauty speak for itself, no orange spray tans get even close to her gorgeous skin girls, in that sense I thin we can take a page out of Taylor’s book when it comes to  embracing her own beauty. (Beauty is supposed to enhance our beauty, not change how we look completely!)

That’s why Taylor’s my style icon of the week! She’s always on point with her outfits from summer chic to cozy winter style and embracing our own inner beauty.

Talk soon,

Dash x


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