♥ New fashion website ♥

Hey there,

I just found this really great website called Le tote! It’s a fashion website with a twist.

Once you sign in, it’ll give you a bunch of different pictures of people wearing different outfits and styles of clothes, you simply click the ones you like and then you can chose to have the website send you a box of mystery clothes based on your likes! (in your sizes of course.)

It sends all sorts of stuff from shorts to dress and it’s really great for trying new things that you wouldn’t nessisarily pick up if you say it hanging in a shop, but actually looks really great.

I’m definitely going to try this one out myself.

I’ll leave the link 🔗 below, watch this space because tomorrow I’ll be doing a post on quick and easy hairstyles!


Dash x



  1. asiannaye · August 20, 2015

    Hey girl why don’t you try vinted.com:) I love it a lot of my outfit inspirations I found on vinted and its the best way to sell and buy new clothes 🙂 I feature links in all my posts 🙂 P.S keep up the good work ❤

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