My top shoes for this Autumn,


Hey, again!

So, Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year and with it fast approaching I thought I’d tell you some of my must have shoes for Autumn.

For me the colder months of the year are all about being comfy and cozy but still looking stylish so that’s why these are my must ,must ,must haves..

Bootiful boots,

I’ve always had a thing for boots whither we’re talking about Docs, ankle boots or knee-highs, and during the Autumn, boots are always in style, they’re also super durable  and really cozy for the woeful, at the best of times weather we get here in Ireland. Boots also just seem to go with everything from jeans to dresses and skirts, tomboy or girly girl boots are a staple

  • Docs… I have this love affair with Docs, especially the floral ones, they’re just so cute and Docs in general are super comfy.They’re also versatile. Floral Docs can really bring a flare of colour into an other wise dark and gloomy outfit, since a lot of time when it comes to the darker, colder seasons we tend to layer darker colours e.g blacks and greys, a pop of colour can be added really easily with these cute little shoes, and it doesn’t even have to be a really bright colour, dark purples and pinks are really sweet accents to darker outfits  Docs last forever and never truly go out of style.


  • Ankle boots… These are really nice and casual to wear with really anything, they’re comfortable and give off that really cute cozy winter look, just imagine a giant woolly cardigan, mini skirt, tights and a pair of these babies. What’s more comfortable then that?.. Okay, yeah pajamas.. but we’ve got  to at least try to look presentable girls.When it comes to ankle boots they can have so many cute little add on’s like zips and laces, woolly collars, chain patches and bits of leather. Though they aren’t the most colourful shoes, mainly coming in a range of tans, browns and black. They won’t add that pop of colour to your outfits but they will give you that dash of extra style with all these cute little bits and bobs on them.


  • Knee highs… I’m not going to lie, whenever I put on a pair of Knee high boots I end up feeling like a bad ass or Alison Argent ( her entire wardrobe is amazing.) from Teen Wolf, either way I feel pretty cool wearing them. They keep you extremely warm, which is always the goal of Autumn/Winter fashion. (Unless you live somewhere where it’s always sunny.. in which case, you lucky little thing) Anyway, jeans usually skinny jeans suit these boots so well. Unlike the Doc’s ankle and knees highs mainly come in tans, browns and blacks, so the won’t really add any colour to your outfit but they look gorgeous and are really good if you’re not one for something too quirky or bright during the colder months or just want something really really casual.


Delicate flats…

  • Flats, flats, flats with bows, big and small, polka dots, stripes, and who knows what else. They make anything look that little bit classy and girlier, no matter if the outfit your wearing isn’t that fitted or thought out.  They can be worn with literally anything. They’re cute and casual, but I wouldn’t be trekking though piles of leaves in them, for parties and going out for coffee these are perfect. People sometimes think that flats are mainly a summer thing but they’re really not, flats come in all sorts of colours and designs and can be really cool and chic for the Autumn.


So, that’s it from me for now, these are the shoes I couldn’t get through the season without, but what about you? What shoes do you love, hate or simple can’t live without,

Dash x


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