Rosie make-up look.

Hey guys,

So today I wanted to show you one of my absolute favorite make-up looks. The rosie look, that’s what I call it anyways.  It’s a really easy look to create and it’s super quick too.

For this I didn’t use any foundation, because it’s a paler sort of look and I’m quite pale already but if you do prefer to use one a lighter colour from the likes of Maybelline would probably work really well.

To start off I just get a little maybelline porcelain concealer to cover any blemishes, then I did my eyebrows, see I don’t know about you but I actually use this light brown eye shadow from Seventeen for my eyebrows.. is that weird? For this look bigger more natural eyebrows work best.

Next I dotted some of my deep redish-pink ( I’ve had it so long I can’t even remember what it’s called, but it’s so good!)  lipstick from No. 7 then I added a dolp of pink lollibob ultra plush lip gloss from Benefit and some ice breaker, clear lip gloss on top, also benefit. (I like benefit okay…) I blend these three together and it gives this really nice rosie colour, but I’m sure you can substitute these products for similar ones. then of course I blot. With the extra lipstick and gloss on my fingers I dab and blend them along my cheek bones and if needed a little bit of extra lipstick. (I’m a big fan of using lipsticks as blush.) Then swipe some mascara,top and bottom lashes, black is preferable, it gives more of a snow white look to it. (Does that even make sense?) 

And there you have it as simple look with no need for contouring, or layer upon layers of foundation. It’s a great look for the colder seasons. So this coming seasons you can look like a fabulous winter goddess and have a couple of extra minuets to spare.

All the products are down below and yeah I apologize for the awfully strange look on my face in the picture, I think I must of taken 15 selfies before I got this one which is barely presentable.. I really need to work on taking selfies…

wpid-wp-1439480714520.jpeg wpid-wp-1439480710461.jpeg


Dash x


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