beauty blogger awards!

Hey, thank you so much for the Beauty blogger nomination inbeautweener! I love your blog ♥

There’s a couple of rules to follow: Tag a the blogger that nominated you.

Answer the questions given.

Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion

Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them.

my answers to inbeautweener’s ten questions…

1.When did you first get interested in beauty/fashion?

That’s sort of hard to say, I’ve really always loved fashion, but I suppose it began taking over more of my life when I was around twelvish.

2. What is one beauty item you couldn’t live without?

A beauty product I’d live without?  Oh wow emmm my vaseline probably, now I know it sounds sorta boring but seriously I use it for everything not just moisturising but all sorts of things like making my eye lashes longer and keeping my cuticles strong and just so much more, I love it

3. What store can you always go to and walk out with a purchase?

H and M, hands down it has to be. It’s a shop with so many amazing styles, even when I’m broke I find myself in there window shopping, trying stuff on and making wish lists.

4. Do you have a beauty/fashion inspiration?

I honestly don’t think I’ve got one main inspiration, I love loads of different fashion icons like Alexa Chung, I love her style and beauty YouTubers like Zoella

5. If you only have 5 mins to get ready, what is your routine?

Well, this actually happeneds to me quite a lot… Damn alarm clock… Never goes off when I need it to.. I’d run to the bathroom, grab my cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I’d swipe mascara through my eyelashes and dab some lipgloss over my lips 💋 it’d braid my hair to the side. Grab something simple from my wardrope like a top and skirt and be out the door.

6. What is the most recent fashion/beauty purchase you’ve made?

Emmm… a little pleated checkered black, green and navy skirt from H and M.

7. Why did you decide to make a beauty/fashion blog?

I think, I’d wanted to do something fashion/beautyish online for a while but I wasn’t too sure what became I’d tried things like instagram and we heart it but I wanted something that I could connect more with people over fashion and make-up and that when I finally decided to start dash of fashion girl.

8. What is one thing you have learned since making your beauty/fashion blog?

There’s been lots that I’ve learned but mainly that you’ve to put so so much more time and work into blogging and posting than you’d actually think, but it’s so much fun so it more than worth it.

9. What is the number one item on your wishlist right now?

A new pair of ripped jeans.

10. If you could give the younger you beauty/fashion advice, what would it be?

One bit of advice? My God, take off all that black eyeliner you look like a panda 🐼 (I cringe.)

My nominees areeeee…

peaches and dream


sprinkle of me

preppy with pearls

Design seemless

The dirty chic diary





And your questions are….

1. Where’s your favourite place to shop?
2. If you could talk to one fashion/beauty icon who would it be and why.
3. What three beauty products could you never part with?
4. what was the last fashion / beauty shop did you walk into last?

5. lipstick or lipgloss?

6. What’s your favorite designer?

7. If you could have one career in beauty or fashion what would it be?

8. what do you love the most about blogging?

9. What one fashion/ beauty product would you if money was no object?

10. What’s your best beauty tip?



Dash x


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