My best fashion and beauty tips…


Hey guys!,

Okay guys so today i thought I’d talk to you about some of my main Fashion and beauty tips because well I’ll be honest, I’ve made a lot, and I mean a lot of mistakes on the fashion and beauty front and I think if these can help you guys out then at least somebody is escaping embarrassment, right?

1.) Goose bumps aren’t cute..

You know that gorgeous pair of shorts or that really pretty dress you have that you we’re planning to wear because they’re just so so cute, and you don’t really seem to care that it’s like the north pole outside because you’re determind to look fabulous, yeah? So do  I, but freezing to death in the cold and having a body full of little goose bumps isn’t exactly a good look and you’re hardly going to be comfortable like that, so just don’t do it! Looking comfortable and relaxed makes you look just as good as you would in those cute shorts of yours on a hot summers day. So put on some cozy jeans and some boots and brave the cold looking like a from Summer to Autumn transitional goddess!

2.)  Less is more!

Yeah, I’m quoting the fabulous Coco Chanel when I say this, but seriously I live by this one. A little bit of bling even a cute statement piece can be lovely, all I’m saying is that if your dress is made up of sequins shiny diamonds or glitter then they’re really isn’t a huge need for a good bit of jewellery something simple like some sweet studs or petite hoops should do just fine. Let the outfit do the talking and leave the jewellery to a minimum

The same can be said for foundation and tan, sometimes we can all go a little over board with it. There’s absolutely no need to cake your face with it, the less you wear of it the better you look. Make-up is supposed to enhance the features you already have and cover up and spots or blemishes, not change how you look completely. Keep contouring to a minimum and never layer on your foundation or tan.

3.) Careful colours: Tan and foundation..

This is for all you pale girls out there, yeah I know how you feel. Being really pale myself, I love to have some colour on my skin, but looking at some of the girls in my classes, I’ve seen a lot of dark brown tans on people  that are naturally quite pale and it just looks wrong.. If you’ve got a paler pigment, it’s always best to go for a lighter tan, yes one that still darker than you’re natural colour but not too dark that it just look way off. There’s also no need to go too dark with your foundation, it can turn out orange and nobody wants to look like one of those guys from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

4.) Don’t touch those brows!

Loads of people always complain about their eyebrows and how they’re too hairy or too thick but don’t just take a tweezers to them and see how it goes (Like I did when I was twelve, oh how awful they looked when I had finished…) If you’re in your early teens don’t pluck unless it’s really, really necessary because they will usually grow back bigger and darker and can get to be a real hassle to try keep on top of and if you are going to get your eyebrows plucked, waxed or threaded please, please, please, go to a professional! Eyebrows help shape and if Cara Delevingne is anything to go by big brows are not something to fret about.

5.) Keep it classy!

Don’t think that to look pretty you’ve got to wear something really short, really low cut or something with a load of cut outs in it, because you honestly don’t. Leave a little something to the imagination. Nothing needs to be overly tight either, a lot of dresses are supposed to be somewhat tight but not like a second skin and if it feels uncomfortable and you’re constantly pulling it down or pulling it up then it’s probaby not the dress for you.

6.) Say it, don’t spray it!

Don’t over spray your perfume! Just a little spritz on your wrist, then rub onto your other wrist and rub into your neck and you should be good to go no need for than one spray though, even if your worried about it fading there’s no point putting loads on. Dab some vaseline on your wrist before you spray ti and it’ll stay on the whole day, I swear.

7.) Smile!

A smile, and a good mood can make your outfit twenty times better looking than it already is.


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