Tights and shorts, a look I love..


Hey guys!

A look I really love esspecially around the transitional season, is teaming cute tights with a pair of denim shorts. This can be a great way to bring all those denim shorts you build up over the summer period into the Autumn/Winter season.

This to me is great as I hate the idea of buying something (shorts), usually in the end of summer sale for cheap and then not getting any wear out if them.

All types of denim shorts can be brought into the Autumn season from coloured to ripped and classic denim, and they’re so many different ways to make up new outfits using them. They can really stretch out your wardrobe and give you more options. (Which is always a good thing.. Well, unless you’re like me and the more options you have the longer it takes to put and outfit together and you always end up late.. For everything..)

Anyway, wearing shorts and tights can one, allow you yet another way to inject a dash of colour in your Autumn outfits and two, can jazz up an outfit and make you look you’ve put mire effort and thought into it then say just throwing on a pair of Jeans.

Ways and way and ways… They’re so many different ways you can wear shorts and tights from cute crop tops for those few hot days we’ve got left to layering them up for all the chilly days to come. Here’s a few of my favourite ways to wear them…

1.) The grungy tumblr rock chic..


Full of band tees and flannels, I think this look is very teenage-y angst but still very wearable, I love it.

2.) Pretty preps.image


A really cute style, with a sprinkle of elegance and a lot of sweetness.l Thus is a really easy look to pull of and almost gives off a grown up yet school girl feel to it? (does that even make sense?..I don’t know.)

3.) Casual girl.


Those casual outfit pieces look great with a pair of shorts and tights, so throw on some Uggs a t-shirt, a huddy and a jacket and strut you calm, cool and casual self.

4.) Jumper lovers!


What outfits doesn’t look good with a cozy jumper? I’m honestly yet to find an exception!

5.) Hipster girl…


The unusual, out there and brave hipster girls put there can benefit from the awesome tights and shorts style combo too.

I just love shorts and tights, they go together better than mascara and eyeliner and this just shows that really an one can wear them!

Dash x


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